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Jul 01 2016

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Jul 01 2016


Jun 22 2016

ATI Director Asterio P. Saliot, the adoptive “Father of Costales Nature Farm,” did...

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Jul 19 2016

DUMAGUETE CITY, Negros Oriental – For almost 30 years, the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) constantly expands its services through the continuous acquisition and sharing of knowledge and resources with its clients and partners. With the advent of technology, the Institute launched the electronic extension or e-Extension Program for Agriculture and Fisheries in 2007 to provide a more efficient and interactive alternative to traditional agricultural extension services.

Jul 08 2016

DILIMAN, Quezon City -- In view of harmonizing the Agricultural and Fisheries Extension (AFE) delivery system, the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) recently concluded the conduct of the Training on Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation (RBME) for selected AFE stakeholders with its manpower from the ATI Training Centers. 

Jul 07 2016

NORTHERN MINDANAO, Philippines – They say passion is the driving force behind any success and the energy that allows us to reach our potentials. In the 6th Bloggers’ Event for Organic Agriculture, some partner bloggers of the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) discovered how organic farming practitioners in Northern Mindanao tapped their passion to reach greater heights.

Jul 07 2016

TAGAYTAY CITY, Philippines — Effective coordination of sound policies in identifying areas of cooperation among ASEAN member-countries and international agency linkages should be determined to empower the people that they serve, especially the marginalized communities in the countryside. 

Jun 22 2016

ROSALES, Pangasinan — Since 2008, the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI), through its network of training centers, regularly conducts School-on-the-Air programs on various commodities and technologies. Usual SOA programs produce around 500 to 1,000 graduates. However, the recent batch conducted by ATI Regional Training Center in Ilocos Region (ATI-RTC I) housed the largest number of graduates to date with a total of 2,331.

Jun 22 2016

ORIENTAL MINDORO – “Change will only happen if you have the passion to make it happen. This is your community and no one will take care of your resources other than you,” expressed Pat Andrew Barrientos, Center Director of the Agricultural Training Institute Training Center in MiMaRoPa (ATI RTC-IVB) in relation to the importance of organic farming to the Indigenous People (IP) community.

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Victor Serafica, Farmer, Rosales, Pangasinan | Wed, 02/10/2010

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Dr. Albert Jo, a medical doctor, established the “Rapha Valley” with the intention of sharing the benefits of good food and nutrition to health.

Live to Tell

"Live to Tell- A Compilation of Farmers Success Stories" by the ATI RTC IV-A is a remarkable leap that finally highlights the efforts of Agricultural Training Institute in building dreams and transforming the life of its clients.

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 Defying most conventional beliefs on agriculture and challenging traditional farming system, he dared to demonstrate that growing food and eating them fresh in one’s backyard can be done---regardless of location and circumstances.

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The Philippine Department of Agriculture advocates the application of organic fertilizers and other soil ameliorants for growing plants. Among these fertilizers is the fish emulsion made from a blend of various fish waste. It could be applied to both soil and foliage since it enhances the growth of crops during vegetative period.

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Globally, banana is ranked fourth in terms of gross value of production. It is a major staple food crop for millions of people. It also provides income through local and international trade like Ecuador and Brazil. In the Philippines, 76% of banana is used as food while 16% is used as feeds. Among the 80 cultivars, Lakatan is one of the most in-demand locally; but sometimes growers have low productivity due to problems on pests and diseases.

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The Climate Change Commission (CCC) continuously come up with reference materials on climate change. Among these is a Comprehensive Land Use Plan Preparation (CLUP) Resource Book on Integrating Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction Management.