ATI Director Asterio Saliot

Dec 22 2015

"Moving Forward Enhancing Competitiveness: Philippine Corn Towards ASEAN Integration” was the...

Nov 25 2015

“It’s not easy to go out of your comfort zone but then if you remain restrained in that comfort...

Nov 25 2015

I was an entrepreneur, profit-oriented, meeting due dates and finding additional...

Recent news

Feb 12 2016

BALER, Aurora – The growing Information Services (IS) workforce from the Agricultural Training Institute’s (ATI) central office and network of training centers all gathered to further boost collaboration and cooperation in the attainment of the Institute’s knowledge management (KM) efforts starting this year and beyond.

The first ever grand meet-up during the 1st KM Updates for 2016 served as a platform to create shared understanding and appreciation on the functions of an IS personnel and the KM programs, projects and activities for 2016, especially among new entrants.

Feb 01 2016

LOS BAÑOS, Laguna – As new technological advances become more ingrained into society, industries are continually challenged. However, there’s still hope for agriculture to thrive even in this digital age.

Thanks to a team of journalists and social media experts from the local social news network, Rappler, five members of the newly formed Social Media Team of the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI), along with other multi-agency group of communicators, learned new strategies to champion the cause of farming and fishing industries in the social media.

Jan 29 2016

DILIMAN, Quezon City – Leading the development of the country’s agriculture and fisheries through improved extension services, the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) launched two important documents on agricultural and fishery extension (AFE) in celebration of its 29th anniversary celebration.

Jan 22 2016

LAS PIÑAS CITY, Philippines – As poverty remains to be one of the biggest developmental issues in the country, poverty reduction continues to be at the core of government services. Over the years, development processes became more participatory especially for the stakeholders. As the country aims for steady and inclusive economic growth, the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) ensures continued support to the Filipino youth and farmer-organizations.

Jan 18 2016

DILIMAN, Quezon City – In its efforts to extend continued support to its Learning Sites (LS), the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) affirms its commitment to LS cooperators and owners by providing insurance to their respective farms.

Through a memorandum issued early January 2016, ATI Director Asterio Saliot enjoined all Regional Training Center Directors to provide assistance to all LS in availing the various insurance programs of the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation (PCIC).

Jan 15 2016

DILIMAN, Quezon City-- "Knowledge, skills, attitude and time are the elements that makes an organization particularly the existing Extension Service Providers and incoming applicants be challenged to do more and be part and parcel of ATI's agenda in the Philippine agricultural development."

This was the statement of Dr. Asterio P. Saliot, director of the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) during the recent conference of the Institute's accredited Extension Service Providers or ESPs.

What they say...

Thank you very much.  This is the most recent certificate (Greenhouse 1) I have received.  I really need this one because of my current job application in the public high school. ...

Jennifer Lorenzo, Bulacan | Tue, 05/26/2009

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"Live to Tell- A Compilation of Farmers Success Stories" by the ATI RTC IV-A is a remarkable leap that finally highlights the efforts of Agricultural Training Institute in building dreams and transforming the life of its clients.

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Smuggling affects the country`s government revenues and also the competitive advantage of domestic industries including employment. Therefore, examining its nature, extent and implications should be top priority.

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Climate change research has become a highly controversial field of study where researchers from all over the world continuously provide different insights on the global state of the climate.

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The textbook on Development Oriented Research in Agriculture tackles the practical, interdisciplinary and eclectic approach carried out by the International Centre for development oriented Research in Agriculture (ICRA) based in Wageningen, The Netherlands.