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Binhi ng Pag-asa Program Sparks Hope for Bataan Young Farmers

The Agricultural Training Institute-Central Luzon (ATI-CL), in partnership with the Office of Senator Grace Poe (OSGP) and Office of the Provincial Agriculturist in Bataan, sparked hope among the Bataan youth in the implementation of the Provincial Training of Trainers on Free-range Chicken Production of Binhi ng Pag-asa Program in Bataan on September 14-16, 2022 in Crown Royale Hotel, Balanga

Kwento ng Tagumpay, Kwentong ATI:

“You give life to the soil,” quipped Marilou when asked why they opted to embrace natural and organic farming.

The chemicals tend to drain the soil out of their nutrients but with natural farming, you feed the soil with natural elements thereby giving it life.

One would savor the taste of natural farming and chemical-free produce through the dishes they serve in the farm. Visitors would enjoy pinakbet, tilapia, lettuce, pesto pasta, native chicken tinola, beef caldereta, and lemon grass juice.

“Kung anong tinatanim namin, kinakain namin,” shared the couple. This is to ensure that their produce is healthy and safe to consume for their family, workers, especially their visitors and buyers.

As their advocacy is organic farming, aside from teaching their workers the organic agriculture practices, they are sure that their workers are safe, too.


Kwento ng Tagumpay, Kwentong ATI:

When we say farming, soil will be off the top of the head for majority of us. But over the years, numerous techniques in farming have sprouted to cater the different growing conditions of crops. Who would’ve thought that soilless farming would be a “thing” in the present?

With his goal to introduce hydroponics in the country, Mr. Rafael Pagaling established the Zennor Hydroponics Farm in Palauig, Zambales in 2016. He owes his extensive knowledge of the craft through the series of training he attended abroad: Thailand, Spain, and London. He said that he originally bought a piece of land in Zambales in 2015 to put up a private kindergarten school. They ended up establishing a farm instead. Inspired with the European way of growing food, Pagaling veered away from the conventional way of farming and leaned towards hydroponics or soilless farming through his trips abroad. Learn more about his agri-journey.


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