ATI Gears for Stronger Web and Social Media Presence in 2018

The mentor and the mentees

Mr. Jose Rey Alo, the e-Learning Process Advisor of ATI mentored six (6) Information Services staff and three (3) from other Sections to beef up its web presence. The group composes the Web Team of ATI-RTC X). While it may be considered a lean team, the activity is geared towards capacitating each and every one of the Team so that the synergy will deliver best results.


"No Turning Back is the success story of Marcos Colanse. Mr. Colanse was one of the participants of ATI-RTC 10 in the Season-Long Training on Urban Vegetable Farming while on probation at the Bureau of Jail and Penology in El Salvador City. When he was released in 2015, he started farming again through the knowledge, skills, and technologies he learned from his training in the jail. At Present, Marcos is proudly reaping and sharing his success in his humble venture in farming..

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