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Under this program are the following:
Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Activities
As an offshoot of the training workshop on Project Monitoring and Evaluation for the National Extension System for Agriculture and Fisheries (NESAF) held last September 23 to October 6, 2007, the Project Monitoring and Evaluation personnel of the Agricultural Training Institute Luzon group conducted a workshop to prepare a training proposal for Monitoring and Evaluation System . The workshop was held last March 17- 19, 2008 at ATI-CAR in La Trinidad , Benguet. This was attended by all the PME staff of ATI-CAR, ATI Region 1,2,3,4-A,4-B and ITCPH.
The said workshop aims to equip the participants in organizing an M and E systems schemes, and processes and to develop and institutionalize the PME system and execute this system in an existing agriculture and fisheries projects undertaking in their offices. The training proposal is intended for the AEWs specifically those in planning, monitoring, and evaluation sections of local government units (LGUs) in Luzon. The complete training proposal was submitted to the ATI-Central Office for funding. The target date of the implementation of this training will be on the third quarter of 2008.
Training Courses on Farmer -Led Extension focused on The Hybrid RIce Commercialization Program were conducted in 2005 by the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) together with the Department of Agriculture Regional Field Units(DA-RFUs) . The purpose of this training was to equip farmer leaders on extension methodologies that could be used in promoting hybrid rice technologies . Farmers were taught some aspects of communication and presentation skills, preparation of visuals, extension methodologies and others.
The Agricultural Extension Workers (AEWs) played an important role in assisting and supporting the farmer leaders in all promotional activities of hybrid rice in the communities. After three (3) years of FLE training courses , the Agricultural Training Institute-Central office was tasked to do an impact evaluation of the said training courses.
The purpose of  the evaluation was to assess the effectiveness of the methodologies using farmer leaders as extensionists and the acceptance of farmers on hybrid rice technology and its effect on yield as well as increase on the income of the farmers who adopted the technology. The ATI-Central Office required all the Regional Training Centers (RTCs) to assist them in the formulation of questionnaires and in the data gathering. For RTCs which have large group of respondents , enumerators were hired.
A briefing in every region was undertaken before the enumerators made the interviews. For ATI Region IV-A, a total of nineteen (19) respondents were assigned and the breakdown were as follows: 8 Agricultural Extension Workers, 9 Farmer Extensionists, 2 Farmer-Extensionist Trained-Farmers, and 2 Farmer-Extensionist Not-Trained Farmers. The whole month of April, 2008 was devoted for intensive data gathering. The filled- up questionnaires were returned to the Central Office for analysis. The focal persons of this activity were Ms. Veronica V. Esguerra , Project Development Officer IV and Mr. Mario A. Lapitan, Planning Officer III.                                                                   

Institutional Development

All training and extension activities of the center are reviewed to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the center's operations. Learning and insights generated will contribute to a more effective and efficient job performance.Hence, the Mid year and Annual review and planning workshops are regularly conducted each year as part of the institutional development of the center. The Mid year Review and Planning Workshop was conducted towards the end of April until the first week of May, on a staggered basis so as not to disrupt the scheduled trainings and extension activities of the center.The activity covered what has been accomplished during the first semester. Aside from the review/planning workshop,the staff were also trained on Entrepreneurial Skills on Organic Agriculture and Vegetable Production in preparation for the impending rationalization. The Annual Review and Planning for 2009 is scheduled in December. It will also include skills enhancement for the staff. The center will also host the ATIMA Luzon and Center Directorates' 2nd Quarter Zonal Forum on June 25-27, 2008. The forum provides opportunity for the participants to learn fresh information, new policy directions and other updates from ATI National Directorate. Furthermore, it can enhance the participants effectiveness and efficiency as managers and implementers of agricultural extension program.
Human Capital Development
Human capital is the most important asset of ATI-Region IVA. Thus, continuous staff development is essential. There are two technical staff who had availed and/or granted scholarships here and abroad. They are:

  • Jocelyn Marivic M. Concepcion,  Master of Development Specialization: Training, Rural extension and Transformation University of Profession Education Larenstein, The Netherlands
  • Rolando V. Maningas, Master of Arts Major: Educational Management Laguna State Polytechnic University Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines

There are also four technical who attended short courses and/or trainings abroad, to wit:

  • Alene E. Solitario, Training Course on Facilitation for Community Development November 10-17, 2006 Nadi and CATD Nadave, Fiji Islands
  • Marites P. Cosico, Enhancing Women's Role in Rural Development January 14-February 15, 2007 NAETC, Kasertsart University, Thailand
  • Mariel Celeste A. Cortez, Best Practices in Agricultural Technology Transfer and Commercialization November 5-10, 2007 Trans Asia Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Rolando V. Maningas, Basic Course on Information Technology October 1. 2007 - January 31, 2008 KAMC, Coonnor, Tamilnadu State, India

Physical Facilities Development
For Calendar Year 2007, ATI Region IV-A, rehabilitated the following:

  • Repair of concrete fence at Cavite Satellite Office Replacement of roof (long span) of Administration Building at UPLB
  • Installation of awning(Admin area)) at UPLB
  • Installation of awning in the ACASPHIL dormitory at UPLB
  • Installation of covered walk in the dormitory lobby at UPLB - Repair/replacement of door (Lecture Hall) at UPLB
  • Installation of wooden sliding door(Auditorium) at UPLB

The fund used for the repair and maintenance came from ATI Central Office and augmented out of Center's income from the use of Center's facilities.
Our future plans for the maintenance of the Center's building and dormitory facilities are listed below:

  • Re-painting of Administration Building at UPLB - Repair of ceiling of Administration Building at UPLB
  • Repair of roof/ceiling of Auditorium at UPLB - Repair of Lecture halls (doors,ceiling, roof) at UPLB
  • Re-wiring (minor) of electrical lines of the Dormitory at UPLB
  • Re-tiling of flooring of Administration Building at UPLB - Repair of comfort room of Admin and Dormitory at UPLB
  • Repair.refurnishing of furnitures/fixtures in UPLB
  • Repair of roof/ceiling of Cavite Satellite Office
  • Repair of sleeping quarters at Cavite Satellite Office

ATI Region IV-A  Administration building and facades were repainted last April (2009)  with funds  from the Office of the Governor, Sta. Cruz, Laguna facilitated by the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist of Laguna under the leadership of >r. Marlon Tobias (PA). 
All of those components are equally important in the attainment of the goals and objectives of the Agricultural Training Institute.