AgriTalk Gathers Thousands of Urban Agri Enthusiasts Online

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ATI Learning Site for Agriculture cooperator Carlo Sumaoang shows the basic steps in seed sowing during the second episode of AgriTalk 2020.

DILIMAN, Quezon City – The Agricultural Training Institute’s (ATI) free seminar series found a new space online as thousands of viewers nationwide participated in the initial episodes of this year’s AgriTalk featuring the basic how-to’s of urban gardening.

This series of free webinars is part of the Institute’s urban agriculture initiative under the “Plant, Plant, Plant” Program. It aims to expand, and sustain the interest of the public in growing their own food especially amid the global pandemic. This activity is in collaboration with the Agriculture Magazine, and supported by the Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation, and Smart Communications, Inc.

Carlo Sumaoang, owner of an ATI-certified Learning Site for Agriculture in Central Luzon, served as the resource speaker for the first two episodes.

In the first episode, he talked about the six fundamental considerations on urban farming, which include soil, sunlight, space, seed, water, and container requirements. A quick demonstration on seed harvesting was also presented.

Meanwhile, on the second episode, the speaker engaged the participants in a discussion on seed sowing and basic plant growth stages. Similarly, he showed proper and simple ways of planting and transplanting seeds, plant fertilization, as well as basic pest management techniques at home.

One participant from Tarlac, Galilmia Lagade, shared her insight on the activity.

“I appreciate how you showed that agriculture is not only seen in farms, but is also possible within the corners of our homes,” she said.

Likewise, a student participant from San Ildefonso, Bulacan, remarked that the activity helped her understand farming basics given her limited experience in agriculture.

“Since I have zero experience in agriculture, I liked how the speaker clearly explained the process of starting how to grow plants in the comfort of our own homes, and that starting my planting journey isn’t so hard after all,” she stated.

Hosted by Agriculture Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Yvette Tan, the initial episodes of AgriTalk were streamed last December 12-13, 2020. The third episode is scheduled on December 16, 2020.

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