DA to Harness Youth Potential in Agribusiness

The virtual oath taking of the technical evaluators from the different institutions to comprise the Technical Panel for Agriculture led by CHED Chairman J. Prospero E. De Vera III, DPA.

QUEZON CITY ---- The Department of Agriculture (DA) took a major leap in its effort to involve the youth in agriculture as it launched another program seen to empower the younger generation on agribusiness.

Dubbed as the Kabataan sa Pagpapaunlad ng Agrikultura at Pangingisda (K-PAP) Program, the KPAP aims to produce young leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs in the agriculture and fisheries sector. It will provide appropriate interventions and create opportunities to develop the capacities of the youth and encourage them youth to venture in agriculture and entrepreneurship.

“The DA recognizes the unlimited potential of the youth in driving innovation and advancing the agriculture and fisheries sector. In today’s digital age, the youth’s inclination with the use of technologies is vital in coming up with more effective ways of doing things especially as we enter the “new normal”. Also, they are a good source of new perspectives and creative ideas that could better address challenges in the food value chain.
“As Secretary William Dar repeatedly emphasized, the potential and strength of the younger generation must be harnessed to lead the Philippine agriculture towards global competitiveness. That’s what we are looking at with the KPAP and other youth programs at DA,” said KPAP Program Leader and Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) Assistant Director Rosana P. Mula.

The DA also takes part in developing and improving the curriculum on agricultural education. The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) appointed Dr. Mula on November 9, 2020 as a Technical Evaluator for Agriculture. As one, she is tasked to monitor and evaluate the compliance of Higher Education Institutions (HEI) to set standards of CHED for agriculture and fisheries.

“With this appointment, we at the ATI will optimize the institute’s participation to evaluate the applications of HEIs for the approval of their curricula especially in the field of agriculture. This will hopefully yield positive results in attracting the youth in agriculture,” Mula added.

For his part, CHED Chairperson J. Prospero De Vera, said “we need to make agriculture sexy in the eyes of the youth. The government should make an effort to inform them that agriculture is not just about farming but also a business opportunity that offers a good source of income.”

The event was also attended by representatives from other government agencies, state colleges and universities, and other HEIs. ###

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