AgriKids Video Series Production Now on Phase 2

Representatives from the selected 12 public schools in Luzon attend the synchronous session as part of the development phase of AgriKids Video Production.

DILIMAN, Quezon City - As part of the development phase of AgriKids’ video series, the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI), together with the Knowledge Channel Foundation, Inc. (KCFI), conducted the Knowledge Channel Training in the New Normal (KCTINN). This is the second phase of consultation activities for teacher-representatives from 37 identified schools for the program.

Teachers from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao attended a three-day activity composed of two asynchronous sessions and a synchronous assembly via Google Meet.

For the asynchronous sessions, the teachers reviewed existing ‘AgriCOOLture’ videos from ATI and KCFI’s partnership on the ATI Urban Agriculture learning video series.
Meanwhile, the synchronous sessions provided the participants with modules on Integrating Developmentally Appropriate Practices and Agriculture Related Topics in K-3 Curriculum; as well as Technology-Based Learning and Other Related Philosophies with Focus on KCFI Video Lessons.

Results from the KCTINN will be consolidated and integrated to come up with the most relevant and appropriate video materials. Insights and recommendations from the educators have greatly contributed in classifying agriculture-related topics that are timely and relevant for the young learners from grades 1 to 12.

ATI Officer-in-Charge Assistant Director Antonieta Arceo graced the session and expressed her gratitude to everyone involved in the program. She remains hopeful for the next phase of Agrikids video production, as well as other opportunities to extend agriculture-related information to more audience.

“I know that you have enjoyed identifying various strategies, I really look forward to visit some of the schools that are present today, serving as our partners. Hopefully, the ATI network would be able to visit your schools to witness how the learning materials are being used as well as the improvements being undertaken, among others,” she remarked.

Arceo furthered, “I’m happy that the children will be able to go back to school later on.“

Prior to this event, the first two episodes of the AgriKids video series entitled Siklo ng Buhay and Pisikal na Katangian ng Halaman were recently pre-tested to the students from Brooke’s Point Central School in Palawan and Ambulong Elementary School in Batangas during separate focus group discussions made earlier this month.

The KCTINN was held last November 16-18, 2021.

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