2021 NRAM Five-Kilometer Run for Rice Launched Online

NRAM Virtual Run

DILIMAN Quezon City—The Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) just recently launched the #BeRICEponsiblyHealthy Virtual Run as part of this year’s celebration of the National Rice Awareness Month (NRAM). The fun run is also known as 2021 NRAM 5KM Run for Rice

The #BeRICEponsiblyHealthy virtual run is an innovative campaign inspired by the Department of Agriculture’s Run for Rice. It is tailor-fitted to the situation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. This project features Filipino social media influencers aged 15-60 years old who will be running remotely for a total of five kilometers throughout the month of November, while sharing insights relevant to this year’s theme, “Be RICEponsibly Healthy” on their respective online platforms. 

On November 11, 2021, 16 selected content creators around the Philippines were officially announced through a Zoom event. They were chosen based on the following merits: current reach and audience engagement; availability of own mobility or running trackers; involvement and commitment in a government-led project; and proof of work, among others. 

The participants, coming from diverse backgrounds and advocacies—farming, health, lifestyle, and responsible tourism—were advised about the goals and intentions of the virtual run. Specifically, to campaign for a healthy Filipino lifestyle that is conscious about consumption of brown rice and heirloom rice varieties, patronizing local rice produce, and avoiding rice wastage in any form. 

One of the participants, vlogger-educator Aris Barrago regards this project as his humble contribution to self-growth and fulfilling government causes. He shared, “NRAM’s Virtual Run motivated me to continue my fitness journey; this will be my share of human capital to the people and country I serve!” 

Meanwhile, David Con Rivero, the man behind the provincial lifestyle channel Let’s Go Partido, imparts how his involvement to the five-kilometer Run for Rice is close to his heart. “[It is] such an honor for me. One of my goals [in involving] myself in social media content-creation is that I want to help impart knowledge to other people, and the community to be environmentally- and socially-responsible,” said Rivero.

My Nomadic Notebook creator Nikon Celis, on the other hand, expressed that the virtual run gives him the opportunity to tell stories about the realities of rice wastage, while helping promote the local rice sector.

Their contents will be posted in their respective sites and social media pages, and could also be viewed on ATI’s official Facebook Page.

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