Free Seminar Highlights Packaging as Key to Food Safety

Farm owner and consultant Luis Bausa serves as resource person during ATI's Free Seminar on Product Pagkaging and Labeling.

Farm owner and consultant Luis Bausa shows samples of safe food packaging to the participants of ATI's free seminar at Fisher Mall.

QUEZON CITY, Metro Manila—“Avoid eating food products that use colored plastic as packaging,” stressed Luis Bausa of Duran Farm Agribusiness and Training Center and Bausa Integrated Farm during the free seminar on product packaging and labeling.

Colored plastic packaging, Bausa explained, can be dangerous to people’s health as some particles can mix with the food inside.

This and other safety measures in food packaging and labeling were highlighted at the free seminar conducted by the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) to increase the public’s understanding and appreciation for this process. The one-day event also coincided with the last day of the Institute’s Extension Service Provider (ESP) Forum and Product Expo.

In his lecture, Bausa shared the different purposes of product packaging and labeling. Aside from the convenience, he stressed that packaging protects the food against damage or contamination from microorganisms, air moisture, and toxins.

“In this way, food safety is ensured,” he underscored.

He also emphasized its crucial role in product marketing, particularly in advertising, as attractive, colorful, and visually appealing packaging has a promotional value. As he showed sample good-quality packaged products, Bausa said that adding a touch of red in the packaging can increase the market potential of the food item.

Likewise, Bausa pointed out the importance of labeling in traceability and providing information about the food product such as the expiration date and allergen contents. He then demonstrated a practical and safe way in sealing bottles using the hot water technique.

Aside from guests from partner ESPs, agriculture enthusiasts and students also took part in the free seminar. Among them were Grade 8 students Celine Calungsod and Samantha Vicera from San Juan National High School.

Both Calungsod and Vicera thanked ATI for the information they gathered from the seminar as they “can use this as members of the Board of Directors of the TLE (Technology and Livelihood Education) Club in school.”

About 260 attendees from Metro Manila and other parts of the country joined the free seminar held last October 16, 2019 at Fisher Mall, Quezon City.

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