Call to Support Local Produce, Farmers Headlines NRAM 2020

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The Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) joins the nation in celebrating the National Rice Awareness Month (NRAM) this November with the message “Grow local. Buy local. Eat local. #SupportourRiceFarmers”.

The celebration of NRAM for this year follows up last year’s campaign, this time underscoring not only marketing and consumption, but also the production of local rice. It encourages various rice stakeholders to support Filipino farmers especially in buying their harvests at a reasonable price; and the rice-consuming public to patronize locally produced rice.

In addition, the goal of the celebration is to raise consumer awareness on the benefits of buying and consuming locally produced rice, which leads to demand creation that may boost farmers’ confidence to continue producing safe and quality rice.

NRAM 2020 will be celebrated with stories of compassion, conviction, and optimism, and rally all Filipinos to take pride in local products and support the country’s rice industry.

For its part, the ATI will conduct a series of supporting activities including the dissemination of promotional materials in markets in Metro Manila and different provinces across the country. This is to raise the awareness of consumers on how they can support the cause of NRAM.

A webinar series on the recommended rice practices and technologies will also be streamed on social media through the ATI’s network of training centers nationwide.

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