Agribusiness Mentor, Extension Partner Looks at Farming as Non-stop Pursuit

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Ka Gigi continues to serve as resource speaker in various agri-related webinars held in the new normal.

DILIMAN, Quezon City—Farming is a never-ending pursuit of learning and discovery.

Agribusiness mentor, agripreneur, and owner of an accredited Extension Service Provider of the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI), Gloria Pontejos-Morris or “Ka Gigi”, emphasized this on the latest episode of “Agri Asenso” on DZRH.

As she shared tips on starting a farm business, Ka Gigi revealed that even as a Farm School Director of MoCA Family Farm RLearning Center, Inc. in Padre Garcia, Batangas, she continues to build and update her agricultural expertise.

“We should adapt to our environment that is always changing, and we should not be complacent when it comes to our knowledge and skills in agriculture,” she remarked.

When asked about the main requirements in starting a farm business, Ka Gigi shared that a small portion of land is enough to cultivate various crops.

Her farm is a one-hectare lot filled with different high-value crops and some native plants and trees, which she and her farm mentees also process into innovative food products. MoCA Family Farm RLearning Center, Inc. is also an avenue for agri skills development in CALABARZON.

In terms of specific skill set, however, the guest speaker encouraged aspiring farm business owners to learn and build their skills on crop production, record-keeping, and sales, among others.

With the belief that learning starts at home, Ka Gigi also advocates for family farming for food security and rural development.

She expressed, “As a mother, I serve as an inspiration to my children, and by involving them in farming, I also show them how to be an inspiration to their community.”

Meanwhile, as the celebration of this year’s International Women’s Month comes to a close, she advised her fellow Filipina farmers to be confident in their abilities to lead their respective family farms and even communities.

“As a Filipina, we can always rise above the challenges that come our way,” she said.

Ka Gigi is a 2020 awardee of the Women of the Future Southeast Asia and continues to serve as resource speaker in various agri-related webinars.

This episode was aired last March 27 on the DZRH radio, television, and YouTube  Channels and livestreamed through the ATI and DZRH Facebook platforms.

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