Online Learning for Urban Agri Made Easy with New Short Video Series

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“AgriTalk: 2 Easy Learning” will be available online at 10AM daily from May 14 to June 30.

DILIMAN, Quezon City—The Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) continues to explore the online learning space as it is set to release a series of two-minute learning videos on urban agriculture through this year’s “AgriTalk: 2 Easy Learning” from May 14 to June 30.

With the ongoing pandemic, these fast and easy online technology guides on urban farming, organic fertilizer and pesticides, and fast crop production are expected to further the promotion of homegrown food. This new format is also intended for interested learners who are working from home and have no time to attend more than two hours of urban farming webinars.

Last year’s AgriTalk webinar series gathered a total of more than 8,000 viewers online composed of farmers, agricultural extension workers, students, teachers, homemakers, government and office workers, as well as some overseas Filipino workers, among others. They were provided with information on the basics of urban agriculture, seed sowing, marketing, and product processing.

In continuous partnership with Agriculture Magazine, Manila Bulletin, and Smart Communications, Inc., the program aims to reach more and more Filipinos nationwide and even abroad.

This urban agri video series will be livestreamed at 10AM daily through the ATI and Agriculture Magazine’s Facebook pages. The specific dates and topics are as follows:

Agri Technologies: Container and Vertical Gardening, Compost, Vermicomposting (May 14 – 17)

Agri Technologies: Hydroponics, Carbonized Rice Hull (May 18-20)

Organic Concoctions & Pesticides: FFJ, FPJ, EMAS, Fish Amino Acid, Vermitea (May 21-25)

Organic Concoctions & Pesticides: Takakura, Calcium Phosphate, Organic Pesticides (May 26-29)

Crop Production: Kabute (May 30-31)

Crop Production: Okra, Kamatis, Talong (June 1-6)

Crop Production: Ampalaya, Pipino, Kalabasa (June 7-12)

Crop Production: Celery, Luya, Sili (June 13-18)

Crop Production: Labanos, Carrots (June 19-21)

Crop Production: Letsugas, Pechay, Mustasa (June 22-27)

Crop Production: Sitaw, Kangkong (June 28-30)

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