Flor’s Garden Showcases Real Score on Edible, Medicinal Weeds

Agriculture Secretary William Dar and Flor's Garden owner Flor Tarriela unveil the cover of "Weedibles and Weedicinals" during its launch on July 21, as ATI Assistant Director Rosana Mula and ATI CALABARZON Center Director Marites Cosico look on.

DILIMAN, Quezon City—The health and medicinal benefits of weeds and other local plants are put on showcase in the latest publication from one of the national private extension service providers (ESPs) of the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI).

“Weedibles and Weedicinals” is a compilation of information on the nutritional value of different plants, including edible weeds and flowers, that are commonly thriving in the Philippines. The book is produced by Flor’s Garden and Nature Haven, Inc., an accredited ESP located in Antipolo, Rizal, and published through the efforts of ATI Regional Training Center (RTC) IV-A.

On July 21, representatives from Flor’s Garden and Nature Haven, Inc. were joined by officials from the Department of Agriculture (DA) and ATI for the official launch of the book. DA Secretary William Dar and Flor’s Garden owner Flor Tarriela unveiled the book cover in a brief ceremony held at the ATI Rural Development Education Center in Quezon City.

In his message, Dar expressed his strong support to Filipino farmers as they continue to play their important role in attaining food security in the country.

For her part, Tarriela shared the inspiration behind the publication of “Weedibles and Weedicinals”. Through the book, she hopes to reach more farmers and educate them on the use of edible weeds that are commonly disregarded by many.

“This book is a work of love, for our farmers. This is to help them be familiar with the plants around them,” she added.

Tarriela acknowledged the contributions of the people who worked with her to come up with the book’s contents, and thanked everyone who supported her, including Dar and other DA and ATI officials. She  also looked forward to having more copies of the book available in general circulation.

“I am particularly fond of weeds. We usually throw these away but, little did we know, they have many uses. We just really have to know about its benefits,” she said.

ATI Director Alfredo Aton, Assistant Director Rosana Mula, and ATI Calabarzon Center Director Marites Piamonte-Cosico also graced the book launch.

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