Urban Agri Beneficiaries Trained on Vegetable Seed Production

seed production training

Beneficiaries and coordinators of urban agriculture projects in Metro Manila take down notes during the training. (photo by Daniel Nilo)

DILIMAN, Quezon City—To capacitate the beneficiaries of the “Plant, Plant, Plant” program in producing quality seeds of vegetables, legumes, and herbs and spices, the Department of Agriculture (DA), through the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) and Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI), conducted a three-day training on vegetable seed production.

Around 20 beneficiaries and coordinators of the urban agriculture projects established under the “Plant, Plant, Plant” program in the National Capital Region joined this activity to learn about seed production, handling, quality control, distribution, and plant propagation.

BPI Research and Systems special adviser Myer Mula, PhD and BPI Crop Research and Production Support Division chief Mary Ann Guerrero served as speakers in this training.

In his lecture on seed production, Mula emphasized the importance of producing and sourcing good quality seeds locally. He also stressed that having a local source will lower the price of seeds in the market and benefit more growers.

“Locally adopted crops are able to withstand changing growing conditions. When farmers use their own seeds, they are able to maintain a mix of crops suitably adapted to their own local needs,” he said.

Meanwhile, Guerrero talked about seed handling, quality control, and distribution. She noted that good quality seeds promote 20 to 25 percent increase in yield. Likewise, good nutrition of the plant is necessary in producing quality seeds.

Plant propagation techniques that can be employed in urban garden were also shared during the training.

The activity was held is in line with the continuous promotion of the DA’s urban agriculture initiative to ensure the availability of nutritious and safe food amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, the training aims to ensure the continuous supply of quality vegetable seeds in the market and for households in Metro Manila.

The activity was held on September 28-30, 2020 at the ATI-Rural Development and Education Center in this city.

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