Four Pilot Barangay FITS Kiosks under RCEF to be established in Koronadal City

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KORONADAL CITY -- In the bid to enhance and increase the access of information of the rice farmers relevant to them, the ATI-Regional Training Center 12 thru its Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (RCEF) Program and Information Services Section conducted an initial field validation in the five top rice-producing barangays in Koronadal City for the Farmer’s Information Technology Services (FITS) Center establishment.

Through the Barangay FITS Kiosks, information on rice production and agri-fishery is readily available and accessible to farmers in the Barangay Level. It will also increase their awareness and understanding towards Rice Tarriffication Law (RTL), RCEF and DA’s rice-related programs and services.

The initial validation is one of the guidelines for the provision of extension support for the enhancement of FITS Centers under the Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund. Among the Barangays that were validated were San Jose, Avanceña, Namnama, Caloocan and GPS. Included in the main requirements during the validation is the available space for the display of different Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials.

In coordination with the City Agriculturist of Koronadal, Technical Staff John Lord Auman and Agricultural Technologist and FITS Center Manager of the City of Koronadal Mr. Benito Calderon validated the five (5) Barangays.

As part of the extension support, each barangay will receive different IEC materials on agriculture and fishery, including display rack and table and chairs, while the FITS Center of Koronadal City will be provided with ICT tools. (JL Aluman)

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