YFFLTPJ Trainees Now AFYC Founding Members

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YFFLTPJ trainees from batches 2018 and 2019 joined other young farmers and agripreneurs for the second part of the launching of this year’s AFYC held via Google Meet. (photo by PCAF)

Some former trainees of the Agricultural Training Institute’s Young Filipino Farm Leaders Training Program in Japan (YFFLTPJ) are now part of the Agricultural and Fishery Youthpreneurs Council (AFYC), initiated by the Philippine Council for Agriculture and Fisheries (PCAF).

With their agri-fishery experience in the country and in Japan, the young farmers are expected to contribute in building social enterprises as members of the AFYC.

Together with other young individuals engaged in agribusiness, YFFLTPJ trainees from batches 2018 and 2019 were gathered via Google Meet for the second part of the launching of this year’s AFYC last August 12.

During the activity, Agriculture Secretary William Dar encouraged the founding members to “work hard, be consistent, and practice integrity” in achieving their respective agri-fishery goals and endeavors.

Agripreneur vlogger and successful poultry farmer Albert Dwight Tamayo, meanwhile, shared his successful agribusiness journey during the event. He also gave some tips on agri-fishery investment to the founding members.

Options to help jumpstart their agribusiness plans were, likewise, presented to the participants. Noel Clarence Ducusin, Program Development Division Chief of the Agricultural Credit Policy Council, introduced “Kapital Access for Young Agripreneurs” and other loan programs that the participants may avail of. The said loan program offers zero percent interest to borrowers for the financing of their agri-fishery business venture.

PCAF first launched the AFYC online last June 30, with representatives from various social enterprise groups in the sector, including Cropital, Karabella Dairy, RiceUP, and the Lamac Multi-Purpose Cooperative.

With over 80 founding members of the council, PCAF is set to continue tapping more members for the AFYC to create an ecosystem of young agri champions who are committed to drive the sector towards inclusive and sustainable development.

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