ATI, Smart Team Up for Urban Gardening Web Series

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Kalye Mabunga offers tips and techniques on backyard gardening every Friday at 8PM from July 17 to September 24 through the Smart Communities Facebook page. (photo by Smart Communities)

Tips and techniques on backyard gardening are offered on a web series produced by Smart Communications, Inc., in partnership with the Agricultural Training Institute.

Through the online show “Kalye Mabunga,” agriculture enthusiasts and backyard farmers can learn how to plant a variety of backyard crops and herbs, and how to cook these into healthy dishes at home.

Moreover, topics on nutrition, plant growth cycle, and some do-it-yourself agri projects will also be highlighted in different episodes hosted by Emmanuel Angeles of Twenty Manila.

This project was conceptualized to encourage city residents to engage in household and community gardening in response to the prevalent issues on food security in the country.

Other partners for this initiative include the Department of Education, Bangsamoro Development Agency, Gabay Kalikasan, and Alagang Kapatid Foundation, Inc.

“Kalye Mabunga” will be streamed through the Smart Communities Facebook page every Friday at 8PM beginning July 17 until September 24.

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