Review of ATI’s e-Learning Strategies Set for PeLS Virtual Conference

This year's National eLearning Conference, spearheaded by the Philippine eLearning Society, will discuss the transition of traditional education into flexible learning as required in the new normal.

DILIMAN, Quezon City—The strategies in implementing the e-Learning Program for Agriculture and Fisheries especially in the new normal will be one of the highlights of the parallel presentations in the 15th National eLearning Conference spearheaded by the Philippine eLearning Society (PeLS).

The program has been an alternative means of the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) in the delivery of capability-building activities for the agricultural extension workers and farming enthusiasts during the pandemic. With its increased efforts in promoting access to the program’s free online courses at the start of the community lockdowns has resulted in the surge of number of users and enrollees. 

Joeven Calasagsag, chief of the e-Extension Management Section of the ATI-Information Services Division, is set to deliver the presentation on the e-Learning program, highlighting its success in reaching out to more agri-fishery clientele amid the health crisis. 

PeLS is the country’s premier organization that leads the advancement of eLearning in academic, corporate, government, and non-profit institutions through professional development opportunities and collaboration. 

This year, the PeLS conference will be held virtually due to the limitations during the pandemic. With the theme “Reaching the Unreachable: Traversing the Future of Flexible Education”, the event aims to draw up practical solutions to address the gaps when it comes to eLearning education.

Likewise, the event will serve as a venue for free discussions on the most crucial and pressing needs in the education sector while navigating the new normal. Recommendations will also be discussed in light of the need to redesign a better system of education to meet the needs of all stakeholders and for timely policy reforms for a future-proof education system.

Issues such as mental health, accessibility, social divide, and educational inequality brought about by the ongoing global health issues will also be tackled. 

Parallel and plenary sessions, high-impact Ice Talks, and interactive workshops will be held to showcase the transition of education from traditional to flexible learning. 

The virtual conference will happen on May 29, 2021, Saturday, from 8AM to 5PM while the interactive workshops will be on June 5, 2021. 

In this year’s conference, the ATI is the only government organization to join the PeLS conference. For years, the Institute has actively collaborated with PeLS to further enhance its e-Learning Program for Agriculture and Fisheries. 

PeLS encourages students, eLearning professionals, and organizations to join the conference to discuss the issues, challenges, and opportunities in eLearning. Participants that will register and attend the conference will automatically become a member of the organization. Registered members will have the opportunity to join the eLearning events that will be offered by the organization all year round. 

Interested individuals and organizations may register at

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