Mushroom Growing, Business Tips Shared on Air

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The sixth episode of "Agri Asenso" teleradyo program features tips on mushroom cultivation and the economic opportunities of making mushroom-based products. (photo by ATI Central Luzon)

DILIMAN, Quezon City–Newbie mushroom farmers and interested growers were given some tips on mushroom cultivation and small-scale enterprise on the sixth episode of “Agri Asenso”, the Agricultural Training Institute’s (ATI) weekly teleradyo program on various agri-fishery technologies.

With DZRH broadcaster Henry Uri, and ATI-Information Services Division chief Antonieta Arceo, mushroom expert Emma Tolentino engaged the listeners and viewers in a 20-minute discussion on mushroom production and processing.

During the episode, Tolentino, who is also an ATI-certified Learning Site for Agriculture cooperator in Tarlac, shared basic how-tos in producing straw mushroom (Volvariella volvacea) and oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus).

Specifically, she talked about the preparation of substrate and growth management needs of both varieties including its respective climate and space requirements. She also shared some of the nutritional properties of mushroom especially as a good alternative for meat.

Another highlight of the discussion includes basic tips on selling mushroom and mushroom-based products. The guest expert disclosed financial cost and return of mushroom as a business, the possible start-up capital, and market availability.

Being into the mushroom business herself, Tolentino further urged growers to process their produce and engage in value-adding activities. She cited some possible mushroom-based products such as patties, tocino, chicharon, bagoong, adobo, and chili garlic oil, among others.

Likewise, in line with the celebration of this year’s National Women’s Month, Tolentino encouraged more women farmers and small-scale entrepreneurs to venture into mushroom cultivation.

“Being a woman, and even a senior citizen, is not a hindrance to engage in agriculture. For those who are really interested to farm, mushroom growing is a good start,” she said.

This episode was aired last March 13 at 5PM via DZRH AM and DZRH News Television, and also livestreamed simultaneously through the ATI and DZRH Facebook pages.

The next episodes of “Agri Asenso” are about cornhusk by-products and family farming.

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