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Pangasinan-based Rice Farmer Pays Tribute to Juanas in Agriculture

Our Farm Republic founder and head Lea Astrude Santiago

DILIMAN, Quezon City—As the nation celebrates the National Women’s Month in honor of every Juana, a rice farmer and trainer in Mangatarem, Pangasinan underscores the important role of women as partners in agriculture.

In an interview with the Agricultural Training Institute’s (ATI) “Agri Asenso” on DZRH, Our Farm Republic (OFR) founder and head Lea Astrude Santiago spoke of the qualities of women in terms of being detail-oriented and having good negotiating skills which are important aspects of financial literacy and marketing, respectively.

March Honors Women as Catalysts for Change

The Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) joins the nation in honoring every Juana this whole month of March in celebration of the 2021 National Women’s Month.

This year’s celebration will serve as a tribute, a platform, and a call to action that highlights the extraordinary roles of ordinary Juanas in the society as trailblazers and harbingers of change. It also aims to give an avenue to discuss and address the issues that women continue to face, so that empowerment can be fully achieved.

ASEAN Member States Strategize for Development of Women in Agriculture

DILIMAN, Quezon City—To promote gender sensitivity and provide entrepreneurial opportunities for women in agriculture, officials from the Ministries of Agriculture from Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Japan gathered for a three-day Workshop on Improving and Mainstreaming Gender in Agricultural Sector.

Women Rice Farmers Share Journey in Agriculture

MAKATI CITY, Metro Manila—As active players in national development, Filipina rice farmers from different parts of the country were celebrated for their contributions and important economic efforts in agriculture.

This was during the Symposium on Women in Rice Farming, held by the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) in celebration of the Women’s Month. Here, women farmers from selected regions showcased their initiatives and best practices in rice farming.

March is Women's Month

The Agricultural Training Institute joins the celebration of the National Women's Month this March.

The Institute will spearhead a symposium on “Women in Rice Farming” on March 25-29, 2019 which will feature a knowledge-sharing and learning among women rice farmers in the country. Invited speakers and participants will talk about their best practices in rice farming as well as the different roles women can play in agriculture.


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