Cause and Consequence

In November 2010 Mr. Armel Lozano sought ATI-RTC 8 assistance for his thesis “Conditions Leading to Completion and Discontinuance of Enrollees to ATI e-Learning for Agriculture and Fishery Program in Eastern Visayas”. Seeing this as an opportunity for an improved e-Learning service to our clienteles, the Center gladly assisted him.

How the Word “Busy” Speaks for Itself

This four-letter word was the battle cry among eLOCs last 2010. Every time I logged on to my Yahoo Messenger – this red button with white dash greet me sometimes with a different smiley icon beside it. Others opted to place inspiring quotes while some put awful feelings (or perhaps, the on-goings with their respective workstation) …

Figuratively, eLOCs are just so diligent even to this detail (not to mention our respective milestones in the center) hahaha! But, these attitudes are just usual amongst us – because we find this as a mere gesture of status update – just that!

The e-Team

There is an A-Team and another an e-Team.

The A-Team is a fictional group of ex-United States Army Special Forces personnel who work as soldiers of fortune. Each team member has specialization which complements that of the other in the team,making them formidable.


ATI Today

Extension services continue to evolve. With the challenges that extension workers and farmers face, the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) continues to explore various strategies to improve its efforts as the extension and training arm of the Department of Agriculture. In over 30 years, the ATI has celebrated various successes and learned from the lessons during hard times. Nonetheless, we are proud to be standing the test of time through the support of our partners and the clientele themselves. This is the ATI Today, more committed to bring you extension services beyond boundaries.  


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