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ACCESS | 2021 Special Issue

The year 2020 has brought unprecedented challenges to all the sectors of the country especially agriculture and fisheries. A series of devastating events, such as the Taal eruption, emergence of the African Swine Fever, and a global health crisis, among others, ultimately tested the sector both in its fragility and resiliency. 

POLICY BRIEF: Evaluation of the ATI’s Learning Site Program in Luzon and Visayas

This Policy Brief presents the results of an evaluation study on the Establishment of Learning Sites (LS) Program in Luzon and Visayas. It was conducted by the Agricultural Training Institute, in partnership with Dr. Romeo Santos and Mr. Bienvenido Manzares, Jr. The study focused on evaluating the program design, implementation, and outcomes.

POLICY BRIEF: Lessons Learned from the Agricultural Training Institute’s Implementation of the Private Extension Service Providers Accreditation Program

An assessment study was conducted to assess the concept, implementation, and result of the Extension Service Providers (ESP) accreditation program. This step was also made to help improve the program’s management. Results suggested that there is a mutual benefit between the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) and ESPs.


ATI Today

Extension services continue to evolve. With the challenges that extension workers and farmers face, the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) continues to explore various strategies to improve its efforts as the extension and training arm of the Department of Agriculture. In over 30 years, the ATI has celebrated various successes and learned from the lessons during hard times. Nonetheless, we are proud to be standing the test of time through the support of our partners and the clientele themselves. This is the ATI Today, more committed to bring you extension services beyond boundaries.  


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