Farmer Field School Graduation: Outsider Looking In

There are graduations and then there are Farmer Field School (FFS) graduations. Obing Macario, in her Balm to the Spirit post, gives us a quick and succinct description of what goes on in a FFS graduation. She tells us how, even after attending so many FFS graduations, each one always evokes that unique feeling of fullfilment only an extensionist can discern.

UPLB on My Mind

Caught up in the thick of everyday work, it almost escaped me that the rest of the world is actually enjoying summertime for many reasons. Were it not for a brief reminder from Mr. Rey Alo, I would have overlooked that graduating students are actually wearing toga and doing their graduation march this time of the year. The country’s state University of the Philippines at Los Baños will be having its 41st Commencement Exercises tomorrow, April 27, 2013.

Going Beyond Boundaries

I had a very memorable experience last week. Our office conducted a training on Mushroom Production at Malaybalay City. It was supposed to be for Agricultural Extension Workers of Bukidnon. But Lo and behold, a couple from a neighboring region arrived to attend the training. They told us that they have long been interested in attending a training on mushroom production and mushroom spawn making. They have been surfing the net and infact got in touch with some private trainors. Two experts offered to come to their place but would require quite an expense on the couple’s part.

Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Since I started using DSLR camera, I became passionate with the different shots, angles and capture subjects that will fit on the scenery I created on my mind. These became intense as I am obliged to have an output of success story on rice and organic farming. On my own perspective, pictures showed beauty that captured attention depending on the person’s outlook. This is my guide every time I focused my camera to the subject or model and have my final shot to accomplish the given task. The very simple point of view becomes deeper after assisting in coordination and guiding CENTREX Corp.

Farmer Field School Graduations: Balm to the Spirit

I love to attend Farmer Field School (FFS) graduations. It is a happy occasion full of talk, laughter and food. The learning sites were decorated with colorful “buntings”. The farmer-graduates seemed to have gotten a second lease of life. You see them talking, singing and interacting with each other. They are very proud to wear the T-shirt that we gave them proclaiming them FFS graduates. It differentiates them from the mere bystanders and onlookers. Talking with the graduates, we get firsthand their thoughts and feelings regarding the season-long training that they have just attended.


ATI Today

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