Not Your Ordinary Banana Chips

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Gourmet Banana Chips

Banana chips are crisp slices of the cardava banana variety which are usually eaten as a snack. Most banana chips are thinly sliced in bite-size servings and deep fried while some are baked and others dehydrated via drying or dehydrator machines.

Deep frying the bananas will make it crisp and crunchy. When the deep fried banana slices are drained and are in room temperature, one can eat them right away. Others enjoy banana chips by quickly dipping the fried chips in sweet syrup or dusted with flavored powders and seasonings.

Banana chips are nutritious as well since they provide fiber to our body along with Potassium and Vitamin C. The presence of fiber on it keeps the digestive system healthy, while potassium ensures the proper functioning of the muscles.

The organic banana chips of GreenMinds Inc. however are a much needed munch whenever I happen to have some. Surprisingly, there are now five new flavors neatly packed in a resealable pouch with a fresh new look. Added to its classic variant are the savory flavors of Bagoong, Salted Egg, Sweet & Spicy, Honey Butter and Banana-Q. I personally liked Bagoong and the Salted Egg! Sweet and salty but not "sumo" to the taste.

Considered as “gourmet” banana chips, the new line of flavors brought to us by GreenMinds Incorporated highlights unique but familiar Filipino flavored banana chips using homemade, locally-sourced, and all-natural ingredients. No preservatives, no additives and no MSG!

Honey-Butter---This a perfect mix of sweet & salty! According to proprietor and home-based processor Rose Mary B. Lomarda, they use top quality ingredients like butter from Manolo Fortich and honey from Camiguin Island to create a yema-like treat. The sweetness is contrasted with organic sea salt and organic tarragon from their Umanika Farm.

Sweet & Spicy---With various spices and herbs also available in their farm, this sweet and spicy treat is infused with cayenne pepper and garlic to create that much added kick. Also as a palate pleaser, they blended in other ingredients like tomato and oregano to create more depth in its flavor. It's a battle between sweet and spicy actually. Sweet? Or Spicy? It’s for you to decide but why not have them both?

BananaCue---This happens to be one of the Filipinos' favorite meriendas, but only in chips form! It is infused with pineapple juice, rum, and langka essence into the coating to create a familiar yet unique flavor. Coconut sugar is used to sweeten the coating with a dash of sesame seeds to achieve that nutty yet subtle flavor profile. This bananacue chip delight is a hybrid combo of classic Filipino banana snacks: Bananacue, Turon, and Pinasugbo!

Salted Egg---The salted egg-flavored chips are way different from the others because it is one of my personal favorites. What makes it unique is the presence of cured, toasted and powdered chicken egg yolks. It is then infused with more flavors like tomato and oregano to create a play of salty flavors which is a direct reminder of that classic salted egg and tomato ensalada “pampagana” as a side dish. And this variant can’t be simply sidelined since it is really good.

Bagoong---This is their best-selling variant ever! The Lomardas always get that funny feeling to see patrons and customers getting a surprise of their life with this quirky flavor. Surely, this one is the most classic and the most Filipino of flavors out of the five. The idea popped-up when Rose Mary and Datu Makadingding wanted to replicate the experience of eating boiled bananas with bagoong. And now, one can enjoy the same flavors in a more convenient way. They also had in mind the homesick OFWs who crave for this kind of treat and can enjoy anywhere they can while overseas.

When buying some or placing an order, patrons get to help the livelihood and support the farming community of the Higaonon Tribe in Bukidnon.

For bulk orders, you can reach GreenMinds Incorporated at these contact details and particulars:


Farm Location: Impalambong, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon Main Establishment: Turquoise St., Golden Village, Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City

Cooperator: Reynaldo Gil Lomarda

Land Area: 8,000 Square Meters

Date Established: June 2013

Farm Products: Garden-variety vegetables, medicinal and culinary herbs, livestock, tropical fruits, processed goods such as culinary herbs & salt blends, organic dried herbs, organic peanuts, banana chips, organic turmeric granules

Services Offered: Farm Development, Farm Accommodation, Camping, Technical Trainings, Advocacy Projects, Consultancy Services

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Contact Details: (088) 858-4976 / 0998-869-0648


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