Full Circle

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Full circle

Obviously, this would be my first blog having been officially signed last February 10.

My OCW years are now behind me as of real time. It was good while it lasted and that I will look back the three dreamlike years with fondness and gratitude specially the wonderful people I have worked and forged friendship with whom I will probably never meet again. I have to say “dreamlike” and in a good way because I have never imagined the opulence, the experience and the privilege that came along my way. To be in Doha is like a dream and jetting to one’s home country is the point where you have to wake up. The only drawback of that period in time is that I always feel a sense of rootlessness. I am physically there but my mind perennially wanders back home.

Fast forward and pan zoom to my cubicle where I am discreetly typing this away, it got me to thinking that I was probably asked a lot of times and met with disbelief why I deliberately decided to come back here in ATI---in the same division! I could have swerved to the opportunity of changing career lanes like becoming a part of a now burgeoning BPO sector, continue to work for a media company or wait for that outstanding application I had with an International Humanitarian Organization. They are for the most part good options but the pull of familiarity and belongingness was intense…and I finally gave in.

So, why do I like the KM Team? Let me count the ways. (1.) I like the way how work is treated because it is fun and my colleagues are receptive. (2.) I like the fellowship of the minds where more or less we have the same interest in common (writing, reading and now blogging); (3.) I like the group dynamics that powers a dynamic division; (4.) I like the idea that I can breathe easy and I’m not always on my toes; (5.) I like the idea that my peers are not chained to the traditional corporate scheme where laughing and being human is optional; (6.)I like the idea of travelling and the telling of stories that comes with it; (7.) I like the idea that I have to stay sharp because my contemporaries are posting killer news articles in spades. (8.) I like the idea that we commiserate and felt secured with the knowledge that I’m in good company.

Wherever my feet and fate (or folly) takes me, I realized that I have come full circle. No regrets here.

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