Wake Up and Smell, Slurp, and Savor the Coffee

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Mounting the 1st Info Caravan on Coffee in Maramag, Bukidnon was heaven on earth---at least for most coffee lovers and drinkers attending the event.

The wonders of coffee were discussed through coffee tasting (and testing) and also explored as a beauty soap ingredient. As partner during the event, Kape Maramag (the Rural Improvement Club and the product itself) was the star of the moment. A slew of coffee brands have popped up here and there to invade pantries and kitchen shelves, but for starters, Kape Maramag should be given a try.

Kape Maramag is a keeper for coffee lovers and drinkers since it won not only their heart and taste buds but was also declared as the Grand Champion (for Robusta Category) during last year’s 1st Kape Pilipino Cupping Competition sponsored by the Agricultural Cooperative Development International/Volunteers in Overseas Cooperative Assistance (ACDI/VOCA). It bested 78 other known coffee producers all over the Philippines.

Kape Maramag RIC President Imelda "Bebing" Mendoza in close coordination with LGU Maramag showcased various delectable coffee-based products in the event. Aside from serving free hot coffees, delicious and mouth-watering treats such as coffee-infused cakes, doughnuts, cupcakes, ice cream, coffee frappe were offered for free taste by Dingy’s Cakes and Pastries and Jamaican F&B. The latter demonstrated the basic of coffee tasting and the fundamentals of brewing methods while Dingy’s Cakes provided a handful of yummy pastries.

With coffee-infused pastries and hot coffees served before us to enjoy and delight on, it was hard for me which goodies stood out and made the most impression:

Kape Maramag Special Blend – All I can say is that Kape Maramag’s Special Blend remains my personal favorite since it has a stimulating flavor profile, an alluring aroma at the same time strong enough to wake up the dead!

Coffee Frappe- This one’s a winner. Conjured to coffeecentric and confectionery perfection by Jamaican F&B, this pint of pure pleasure can make any leading coffee shops a run for their money! It has the right blend of what a coffee frappe should be---sweet and sensational!

Espresso Brownies –- When a tray of brown rectangle was set down for display and was up for the grabs, I smelled it and took a bite. That familiar scent, wafting up to my nostrils, going around and around wrapping me in heavenly chocolatey-coffee goodness. The warm delicate crumbs covered my tongue, massaging. The bitter-sweet taste combo of chocolate and coffee swamps my sensitive taste buds. It’s an alarming, beautiful feeling. The tiny, moist chunks of chocolate melt as soon it hits my tongue, like a mini-packaged coffee. Then I chew some more. The soft, feeling as I chew, is satisfying. The amazing taste and feeling is still there after the original treat is long-gone. In general, brownies are more dense and can be almost fudgy.

Meljoydee’s Coffee Ice Cream – Not cloyingly sweet and creamy, the infused coffee is still there to be savored even though as a frozen delight!

Coffee Chiffon Cake – Moist, soft and tender, I was informed beforehand that this kind of chiffon cake combined methods used with sponge cakes and conventional cakes. Ingredients included Kape Maramag’s special blend coffee, baking powder and vegetable oil, but the eggs were separated and the whites were beaten before being folded into the batter, creating a rich flavor even though without any frosting.

Kape Maramag might need a push of promotion every now and then to be really considered a household name in the country but ironically enough, it is one of the best coffees around as declared by coffee connoisseurs abroad.

The product is making a good job in giving the coffee experience since it is powered by an outstanding flavor profile and as I have said, it is strong enough to wake up the dead. Kape Maramag prompts you to really enjoy a good cup whether you add it with cream or sugar or just as is---plain good old coffee.

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