The World Class Products of Umanika Eco-Cultural Farm

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Known as the farming component of GreenMinds Inc., Umanika Eco-Cultural Farm has been making waves in the local agritourism scene as well as overseas. They may have showcased more on the agripreneurship side than tourism as attested to their various value-added products ranging from GAP-certified peanuts to commercially-raved dried herbs and savory salts.

Datu Makadingding at his Umanika Eco-Cultural Farm.


Umanika Unveiled

Established in June of 2012 at Malaybalay, Bukidnon, Umanika is a 3,200 square meter organic “Learning while Earning” farm that offers hands-on learning on organic agriculture. It intends to (1.) utilize relevant Indigenous  Knowledge and Systems, (2.) provide a doable and replicable model of maximum land utilization and (3.) integrate Climate Change Adaptation measures in agriculture. Umanika means “You harvest”, “Come here,” “Uma ni Kalinaw” and “Uma ni Kalipay” according to Datu Makadingding aka Reynaldo Gil G. Lomarda, horticulturist and founder of GreenMinds Inc.

From the get-go, Datu Makadingding believes that the world should be green and the environment should be preserved and protected through eco-friendly agriculture technologies. He also hoped that there be a widespread implementation of fair trade for the Filipino farmers and that local products get patronized first.

The Higaonon Tribe of Bukidnon is a recipient of ATI and GreenMinds Incorporated’s Climate Resilient Agriculture (CRA) Project.

The Republic of Vanuatu through its farming community partners with GreenMinds Incorporated in developing their peanut production and enterprise. So far, their finished products have invaded the shelves of cruise ships abroad and international airports.


In a nutshell, when visiting Umanika on a scheduled farm tour, one can expect the following features and amenities:

Farm Features

Soil Painting – a mural made of 15 different colors of soil depicting prehistoric to present day state of the environment.

Garden of native Philippine vegetables focuses on food security and the Bahay Kubo

Poultry Production – a free range 60 heads chicken designed for egg layering.


Facilities and Amenities

A farm accommodation that offers dorm-type facility for 30 persons and an amazing view of the sunrise.

Tent-pitching area that can accommodate 3 four-person tents as well as a venue for an intimate bonfire.

A training hall complete with training amenities that can accommodate 30 persons.

Utilities that are powered by renewable resources such as rainwater catchments and solar powered lights (1 Kw).


Notable Products

Culinary Herbs and Salt Blend – Their culinary herbs and salt blend series use the sea salt from coastal communities of Misamis Oriental as a base and then extend the flavors using only the finest ingredients and certified organic herbs from tribal elders of Malitbog, Bukidnon and Umanika Eco-Cultural Farm. Freshness and flavorful herbs are guaranteed since it is a savory blend of Tarragon, Mints, Greek Oregano, Chilli, and Thyme. These blended salts tap into nature’s most delicious bounty. The herb and salt product line is currently supporting two different communities (coastal and hinterland) in Misamis Oriental and Bukidnon when you buy a jar from them.

Dried Organic Herbs – Although spices and herbs have been used since ancient times, they are playing an important role in modern food preparation. They not only add unique flavors to our food, but contribute color and variety as well. Certain spices and herbs which can be used alone, or in blends, can enhance the salt (or sugar) in foods. Umanika Eco-Cultural Farm in partnership with the tribal elders of Malitbog took advantage by using the plant powers of Roselle, Stevia, Java Mint, Lemon Balm, Rosemary, Sweet Basil and Thyme, Tarragon all of which are neatly and beautifully-package in one eco-friendly resealable packs.

Pilipinut Organic Peanuts – Peanuts straight from the ground are nearly translucent and white. When eaten raw, they taste more like peas than nuts but overall, before roasting, salting, grinding or honey glazing, peanuts are fairly bland. When processed, these organic nuts got a fragrant character with a woody aroma and the taste is as peanutty as one can get. As GreenMinds Incorporated’s value-added flagship product, Pilipinut Organic Peanuts come in Roasted, Salted, and Chili variants. Their organic peanuts are sourced from Umanika and their partner farmers in Malitbog, Sumilao, Kitaotao and El Salvador. Clearly, GreenMinds Inc. is an equal opportunity provider!

Organic Banana Chips – Directly sourced from Malitbog, Bukidnon, these organic banana chips are some of a foodie’s favorite go-to snack. Once opened, one keeps on tossing in an open mouth the well fried slices of bananas coated with sugar or honey. From its edges to the center, eatability is guaranteed as you enjoy eating these yummy chips. Banana chips are nutritious as well since they provide fiber to our body along with Potassium and Vitamin C. The presence of fiber on it keeps the digestive system healthy, while potassium ensures the proper functioning of the muscles.


You can reach Umanika at these contact details and particulars:



Farm Location: Impalambong, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon

Main Establishment: Turquoise St., Golden Village, Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City

Cooperator: Reynaldo Gil Lomarda

Land Area: 8,000 Square Meters

Date Established: June 2013

Farm Products: Garden-variety vegetables, medicinal and culinary herbs, livestock, tropical fruits, processed goods such as culinary herbs & salt blends, organic dried herbs, organic peanuts, banana chips, organic turmeric granules

Services Offered: Farm Development, Farm Accommodation, Camping, Technical Trainings, Advocacy Projects, Consultancy Services

Facebook Page:


Contact Details: (088) 858-4976 / 0998-869-0648





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