Chef Wars: 'Shokugeki no Soma' ATI-RTC X Edition

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Pater is a halal Maguindanao food made of cooked rice topped with grilled or shredded beef, chicken, or fish wrapped in banana leaves. It is called Pastil by Maranaos. This Pater is given a twist by naturally coloring it with blue ternate.

As much as possible, I hate judging someone else's cooking because I don't want to dampen their joy in the kitchen or drive to create something from scratch. Our Chef Wars this afternoon showed that preparing and sharing food is a unifying act because we ended the activity happy and fulfilled.

In recognizing the value of rice and how it sustains the whole Filipino people at large as rice consumers, the Agricultural Training Institute-Regional Training Center X (ATI-RTC X) have organized Chef Wars during its 'PALAYhigalaay sa ATI' as a gesture to patronize locally-produced rice and in support to the country’s rice farmers.

The simultaneous culinary showdown was organized to celebrate every November the National Rice Awareness Month (NRAM) with the theme: “Grow Local, Buy Local, Eat Local”. It showcased cooked rice as the main ingredient in different varieties, colors, textures, and flavors.

It also caught me by surprise that my colleagues got some MAD culinary skills! Admittedly, my cooking prowess is a hit or a miss because I am a content developer first and a homecook second---a food blogger who can cook, not a cook who can blog.

With five competing teams vying for culinary supremacy using rice as the main ingredient, only one will reign supreme this November 27.

Could it be Team ECM who was fast and lightning quick to whip up their savory LongShiLog? Or the super comfort food that is Arroz Caldo by Team Jepjep and Jinx? The preparedness and confidence of Team Potex and Abby could win via their melt-in-the-mouth KimRice Toppings! And how could I ignore the belly buster and strong promise of Team Mami and NikNik's Spicy Blue Pater? Or it could be the surprisingly good mixbag entry of Palitaw, Bilo-bilo, and Rice Milk Tea by Team Aden Jade and Aying beybeh which could emerge as the runaway winner.

#GrowLocalBuyLocalEatLocal #SupportOurRiceFarmers

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