Costales Nature Farms: Rising after Glenda

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Everytime I visit Costales Nature Farms (CNF) in Majayjay, Laguna, I continue to be amazed with how the farm continue to grow and be an inspiration to others. In the many instances that I visited the farm, busloads of visitors are already there before us. The last time I was there, I was told that the visitors from the two buses parked outside the farm are from the Department of Tourism.

I was prepared for a less impressive farm because I knew that Glenda wrecked havoc to it mid of this year. I heard that the 28 greenhouses, which is the heart of the farm operation were all destroyed during the storm. But Lo and behold, less than six months after Glenda, the CNF has not only recovered but has risen above the catastrophe with better amenities. While rehabilitation is still ongoing, I saw a lot of improvements. New structures (bahay kubo) for guests were constructed and the vegetable area was extended to the adjacent newly acquired area which used to be planted with rice. Not all 28 greenhouses were restored yet, but production continue and market demands are met. Infact, new markets are being established. CNF produces 20 tons per month of organic vegetables and herbs, the largest in the country.

What I love most about CNF is the very amiable and humble owner, Mr. Ronald Costales and his very friendly staff. Despite having an engagement in Manila, Sir Ronald waited for us and gave an overview of the farm and its operations before hurriedly leaving. Such gesture may also be one of the reasons why hordes of people, from young children to Senior Citizens visit the farm. Many like me, come back all over again. At the average, around 4,000 guests visit the farm monthly.

Food is always a treat at CNF. Everything we eat is organic and is produced in the farm. When we arrived, we were treated to their unlimited garden salad. Lunch is composed of roasted organic pig, fried organic tilapia, organic chicken tinola, “patoten”, chopsuey (with French beans) and “pako salad”. The drink served to us is cucumber juice, made from their famous japanese cucumber. I’ll never tire of coming back to CNF. Everytime I visit, there is always something new to see. Why don't you try visiting it? I guarantee, it is worth the effort and the money spent.

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