embracing new normal on extension delivery

Ma. Pamela N. Respecia and Rhea Kristine Q. Bongcac of ATI-7 behind the FAITH Webinar

As I write this blog, I am already at my office desk. The work-from-home scheme was already up since our province is no longer on enhanced community quarantine; rather, it’s on general beginning May 1 to 31, 2020 where agriculture, fisheries, and forestry sectors may resume full operations.

However, being in general community quarantine means that the movement of people is largely limited to “accessing necessities and work” while uniformed personnel and quarantine officers are present at border checkpoints.

With this, our planned activities from the last week of March until now are affected, thus, strategies were generated to run our extension and delivery services to our clientele in the region, particularly in Central Visayas.

Same with ATI’s Network of regional training centers, we share similar challenges in the implementation of our programs, thus, the only solution that we found fitting is to maximize the use of social media.

Social Media is defined by lifewire dot com as web-based communication tools that enable people to interact with each other by sharing and consuming information.

Of course, for techie-inclined persons like that of the millennials or from generation y, this social media platform is as easy as peeling a banana, but for generation x like me, probably, it’s a struggle or shall I say, some sort of a challenge so to speak.

When I think of this scenario, I can remember Obing, of ATI-10 and Hazel, of ATI-8, retorted my claim once that “I feel like I am ancient,” especially if I don’t have any first-hand idea on new trends presented when we have gatherings summon by the Information Services Division headed by Ms. Niet Arceo.

Here, generation x and y are easily classified because we are like magnets in terms of informal groupings.

But what makes these two generations unique once convened in one work area is that the chemistry is understood that generated positive outcomes.

This blog is sincerely dedicated to both generations for making our Webinars and Social Media Cards on tips and technology guides plus other exciting online trivia and contests that generated a variety of positive comments and lauded by online learners and advocates as the best medium to reach them out.

These activities give me so many lessons in life that I can sum up into three important points: One, despite the pandemic, information Technology Bridges the gap where people are now embracing the new normal and they are ready to implement what they have learned.

Two, both generations are a perfect mix because they played a great role in materializing the concept of reaching a wide variety of learners in the comforts of their home. Generation x is responsible for the content while generation y provides the aesthetic side that makes the output response the signs of time.

Third, the openness of one’s heart and mind to embrace and accept good practices from both generations plus the positive responses of the virtual participants that despite this crisis our extension delivery services are up and running and even to touch lives.

To my ATI Family across the network, my grand salute to all of us whom we never ceased to innovate just to put our clients’ needs, as one of our top priorities. Our prayers that this crossroads will be akin to world healing.

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