Memories of "e"

Positive results evoke happy memories.

I was with Meitats when she presented her dissertation on "Learners' Intention to Continue Using ATI's e-learning Program". Why I was there?

Stick-to-e-tiveness. Meitats belongs to the "e" class. I am immersed in the "e" program and I cannot miss knowing how we fare in our "e" efforts. Here's what she presented.

There were 960 e-learner-respondents most of whom (67.9%) claimed to have fair experienced with ATI's e-Learning program. By fair, it means that they believed ATI's system used is well established, secured and stable. They were satisfied with the course lab, which is interactive and effective as it assisted them in their learning efficiency, performance and motivation. They also recognized that the e-learning boosted their self efficacy and confidence.

Asked whether to continue or not accessing ATI's e-Learning program, most (67.9%) will. They found the courses relevant, clear, and easy to understand. They were also satisfied with the on-line support team whom they could easily contact for queries.

This stirred the "e" in me.

We started e-Learning with HTML codes. It wasn't huggable to me, the lesser mortal (Sir Rey's reference to non Techie). But I embraced "e" anyway and was glad I did and am still doing. The first "e" embrace was by virtue of a Special Order, which I can give up for famous letters O and A or letter with number 4. But I can't just let go of "e". Remember, my heart beats with an "e".

With the "e", my horizon widens. With e coordinators, I always have good laughs. With "e", I made another significant contribution. Read Meitats dissertation.

Congratulations Dr Merrian P Soliva. Also our congratulations to Dr Rolando V Maningas.

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