We remember the story of a man who rode on a horse-drawn cart, settled and closed his eyes to nap for a while. He assumed that the hotel had informed the driver of his destination so he only said, "Hurry and drive fast!" Later he realized they were heading the other way. So, he asked, "Do you know where we're going?" Still driving fast, the driver yelled, "No Sir, but I'm driving very fast!"
We are in big hurry these days but we are not going no-where. There are just so much to accomplish but we have to be extra-careful not to overspeed. Working late is just an option.

Like other RTCs we have to do the given, those in the WFP. There are also other commitments if we are to strengthen and broaden collaborations. Add to these is our desire to be ISO-certified. And because we want to excel in our services, we are to innovate and do kaizen (continuous improvement).

I was privileged to attend a seminar on innovation and productivity. We were encouraged to say "YES and" rather than "YES but"; to explore and see with new eyes; and to look for fine details that make the difference. We are to go outside the box and in our KM, we are to throw away the box.

With the privilege is the responsibility of leading the innovation and productivity committee. The pressure is on since we got our "Most Innovative Center" award for 2015. Innovating is good stress because it leads to growth.

To be fast, we need to pause so we can think deeply and gain new strength.

By the way, was it "hurry, fast..." that made our group (Orange) on top among the best? Every group had its best strategy in those 10 competitive games. Who can forget those activities that evoke team work, creativeness, courage and fun. I'm glad I still belong in the e-class.

I also had paints on my face.

ATI Today

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