Refilling our tank of perseverance

It's almost the end of 2017 yet our cups are still filled up to the brim. Not that we haven't accomplished any because we are in step with our workplan. But if we closed one door, another opens and not just one.

What keeps us going and hopefully, not dragging ourselves to the finish? Let me share some observations.

We are paid. This needs no explanation. As one extension worker said, "I am happy because I am paid to serve".

We focus the spotlight on others. Our checklist includes: Are they inspired by what we are doing? Could they see in us genuine concern? Have we built dreams and changed lives? Are we delighting our customers?

We also value dependence. We embrace help. We don't fly solo. With the pressures in our work, who can run alone to the finish? Then, we keep an attitude of gratefulness. We try to shelter ourselves from cultivating stubborn attitudes of bitterness and complain that pull us down rather than send us soaring. Our value restoration focus each week helps us do this. There is always a thing to be grateful each day, each working day. (Know what? Our value restoration officers (VRO) Ms. Melinda P. Petalcorin and Ms. Luvilla G. Alcober were awarded outstanding VROs during the Value Restoration Program Grand Launching on October 24-27, 2017 in Vigan, Ilocos Sur)

We back off. Rather than racing into the limelight, we just stand in the shadows. If we do great, words will get out. We relax (force ourselves to relax). Sometimes we just think that for a moment "we are not in charge". We don't also play status quo. We climb calculated heights and with the risk of falling, cushion ourselves with teamwork.

These may not have fully refilled our tank of perseverance but have kept it from draining. Just try.

My salute to ATI-RTC 8 staff who exhibit what I observed.

ATI Today

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