Meet the "Dragon Fruit King" of Misamis Oriental

Manticao, Misamis Oriental---By our standards, the vastness of five thousand standing posts supporting varieties of dragon fruits was enough to warrant that the said commodity is seen as a lucrative business by the farm owner. On its previous cropping, the farm was teeming with vegetables such as ampalaya, eggplant, string beans, tomatoes, pechay, and okra.

Retired public teacher makes profit, helps farming community raise free range chickens

Since retiring on January 1, 2016 as a public teacher, Ellen Acain Rosario embarked a life of productivity in her hometown in Bacolod, Lanao del Norte. Her 40 years of teaching and empowering young minds are now punctuated with more time spent in her established farm Queensland.   

Mondays today

On a Monday morning, minutes before eight o’clock, people would rush to the entrance door looking for directions, lining up at the biometrics, or keep last minute errands to prepare for a week-long training. The training management team (TMT) would have arrived at their respective halls at least an hour prior, which was expected of an ATI staff, setting up materials and equipment. Some of the participants would be on their way for billeting, guided by a technical assistant, while others would head on to the breakfast buffet.


ATI Today

Extension services continue to evolve. With the challenges that extension workers and farmers face, the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) continues to explore various strategies to improve its efforts as the extension and training arm of the Department of Agriculture. In over 30 years, the ATI has celebrated various successes and learned from the lessons during hard times. Nonetheless, we are proud to be standing the test of time through the support of our partners and the clientele themselves. This is the ATI Today, more committed to bring you extension services beyond boundaries.  


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