AgriTech Materials

(h3>Here are downloadable Agricultural Technologies:


- Good Agricultural Practices
- Food Safety Hazards
- Snap Bean Production
- Plant Propagation
- Tips in Raising Head Cabbage
- Tips in Broccoli Production
- Strawberry Production
- Strawberry Runners
- Fertigation

Urban/Home Gardening

- Urban/Home Gardening with Upland Vegetable Production
- Urban/Home Gardening with Lowland Vegetable Production
- Squash Production Guide for Urban/Home Gardening
- Tomato Production for Urban/Home Gardening
- Pole Sitaw for Urban/Home Gardening


- Planting Guide for Hybrid Rice
- Simple Fertilizer Computations Using Split Method of Application in Rice Production
- Major Fertilizers and Their Roles in Rice Production
- Lilklikan iti ag-spray iti umuna nga 40 aldaw Kalpasan a Mairaep iti Bumubon a Pagay

Corn and Cassava

- Corn Production 9 Basic Steps Towards Bountiful Corn Harvest
- Aflatoxin: A Potent Mycotoxin in Human Food and Animal Feed Products


- Tips in the Care and Management of Pigs
- How to Raise Organic Small Ruminants
- Organic Poultry Raising
- Organic Hog Raising
- BAI Tubular Polyethylene Digester (TPED)
- Forage Crops for Small Ruminants

Natural Farming

- A Guide to Organic Vegetable Production
- Mokusaku
- Mokusaku (Ilokano)
- Fish Amino Acid (Ilokano)
- Velvet Beans
- Legume Green Manuring
- Indigenous Agricultural Practices in the Cordilleras
- Indigenous Micro Organism (IMO)
- Simple Composting
- Bin Composting
- Fungicidal Plants
- Insecticidal Plants

Food Processing

- How to Make Fresh Native Sausage and Pure Tocino
- How to Make Hamburger and Corned Beef
- Recipes Making Use of Carrots
- Cassava Recipes

Climate Change

- Climate Change
- Global Warming (Ilokano)


- Rural Improvement Club (RIC)
- 4-H Club Manual
- The 10 Steps to SALT 1