Enhancement Training on Agribusiness with Assessment on Agroentrepreneurship

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Photo opportunity of the group during the closing program.

Majayjay, Laguna- To study the business side of farming or farming as a business, the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) conducted an Enhancement Training on Agribusiness with Assessment on Agroentrepreneurship. It aims to enhance and develop the knowledge and skills of selected ATI personnel in Agribusiness Development and Farm business Management.

It was participated by 19 personnel from different regional training centers of ATI network. Among the participants were Ms. Mylen C. Espinosa, Agriculturist II and Ms. Marissa P. Paredes, Agriculturist I both from ATI-RTC IX.

The resource person of the 5-day training was Mr. Reden Costales, President of Costales Nature Farms. Training methodologies employed were lecture, participative discussion and workshop on five (5) Agroentrepreneurship competencies as follows: 1) Engage Agroenterprise Industry Stakeholders; 2) Ensure Product Supply; 3) Implement Financial Management; 4) Mobilize Farmers Participation in Capacity Building Activities and; 5) Conduct Collective Marketing.

Moreover, the highlight of the training was the National Competency (NC) III Assessment on Agroentrepreneurship. It was held at Uma Verde Econature Farm Inc. located at Candelaria, Quezon. The assessment was composed of oral and written examination where Mr. Brian A. Belen served as the assessor. As a result, all of the participants passed the NC III assessment.

The activity was spearheaded by Ms. Sherrie C. Dreje of Organic Agriculture Program and conducted last February 17– 21, 2020 at Costales Nature Farms, Majayjay Laguna.