Samar finishes 2 CSFBS on rice

Samar – To mitigate the effects of climate change in agriculture, farmers must employ climate-smart technologies and strategies to sustain farm productivity. One of the highly affected production areas is on rice.

Hence, the ATI RTC 8 conducted the Climate Smart Farm Business School (CSFBS) on Rice in selected municipalities in the region. The CSFBS is a new extension modality that aims to work with farmers to help them build knowledge and skills to make their farms more profitable and resilient amidst the unpredictable effects of climate change.

The training course integrates the concept of farming as a business, good agricultural practices and risk-proofing their livelihood against weather events. This program takes the school to the farmers having FFS, CSFFS and FBS in one forum. For one whole cycle of rice production, municipalities of Gandara and Motiong in Samar each conducted CSFBS.

The season-long training saw participants being able to describe farming as a business. They were tasked to prepare market survey reports, practice farm business record –keeping, discuss climate change adaptation strategies and good agricultural practices on crop production, conduct benchmarking, and chose an enterprise in which they also prepared a business plan. Furthermore, the participants saw how they figured out in the whole ASEAN Economic community.

Participants enjoyed doing hands-on activities such as the Agro-ecological System Analysis (AESA) and the Palaycheck system. Randy Cabrito of Gandara, Samar was thankful that the training was conducted in their area. He appreciated learning about AESA and pest management. He reckons that he no longer needs to go buy pesticides as there are ways to control these using organic means. Alma Dacutanan of Motiong, Samar appreciated that she learned how to manage the farm well so as not to waste time and other resources.

CSFBS in Motiong, conducted from June 1-October 30, 2019, had 26 participants while CSFBS in Gandara, conducted from July 12- November 27, 2019, had 25.