Meat Processing for PDLs

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BAYBAY CITY, Leyte - Meat has always been the star of any typical Filipino meal. According to Rappler, a Filipino consumes about 14.2 kg of pork, two kg more than the world’s average pork consumption. Served processed or not, it cannot be denied that most Filipinos eat meat. Processed meat also has become a regular fare in Filipino tables and is a good source of income for families venturing in this industry.

PDLs (Persons Deprived of Liberty) of the Baybay City Jail have undergone different livelihood trainings that they may use after their rehabilitation. After the concluded SOA on Organic Agriculture, the management of BJMP requested for more trainings that would enhance the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of the PDLs, one being on meat processing.

Thus, ATI-RTC 8 conducted a training on Meat Processing to equip PDLs with ample knowledge and skills in ensuring quality processed meat. With their aprons, facemasks, and hairnets, the PDLs learned how to make Burger Patties and Longganisa. Ensuring the exact measurements of the ingredients, it was evident that the participants had fun mixing and molding their products during the workshop since their outputs would be dinner that night.

One participant said he was very interested with activity. He even took down notes about the ingredients and their uses because he will be using this new skill once he gets out of prison.

Thirty-five (35) PDLs from the Baybay City Jail participated the Training on Meat Processing on November 26, 2019.

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