25 Baybay City BAHW completes training

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BAYBAY City, Leyte –Barangay Animal Health Workers (BAHW) are essential partners in the community especially where agricultural production is one the main income sources. Providing further trainings to perform basic animal health care practices will benefit not only the agriculture and extension sector, but the community as a whole.

Baybay City BAHWs completed a training where they participated hands-on in identifying basic animal health care practices and problems; identifying methods for early detection of livestock disease of economics, food security and public health importance; using the appropriate disease investigation form; handling animals and applying control measures to identified diseases; and performing the basic veterinary and husbandry practices necessary in the barangay.

The training also discussed African Swine Fever (ASF) along with the recent developments in the hog raising sector to further raise awareness.

Bary Carcahente, a 4H youth exchange alumni, thought of the training strategy to be effective. “Basic but very effective because of the more time in hand-on activities. We enjoyed and learned so much in the field activities about goat, carabao and swine farming. We have developed our skill on how to properly conduct the basic veterinary services like piglet castration, deworming, goat hoof trimming and vitamins administration. Thank also for providing us the veterinary kit. It will a big help to us.

Provision of kits and skills development come hand-in-hand with having the confidence to perform technical tasks.
This highlights Franklin Sombilon’s experience at the training. “I’m very happy with this training. It is very informative and it builds confidence in raising animals especially in providing animal health care. It will be a big help to us and to our clients in providing basic veterinary services. The special topic on African Swine Fever was also discussed and the economic importance and the concern of the disease. Thank very much ATI and City Agriculture Office of Baybay.”

A total of 25 participants participated in the Training on Animal Health Care: Service Enhancement of Brgy. Animal Health Worker on September 21-26, 2020 in Baybay City, Leyte. (With reports from AP Goroy)

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