Corn Husks to Decorative Flowers

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Jiabong, Samar - Corn is one of the Philippines’ most important crops. It not only provides food and nutrition to its consumers but it also contributes a lot to the livelihood of most Filipino farmers. However, corn is mainly used for its kernels but this doesn’t mean that some of its parts cannot be utilized. Corn husks are usually considered as farm waste. It is most important for farmers to understand the many uses of this product as this too could help increase their income.

ATI-RTC 8 conducted the training on Corn Husk Utilization at Jiabong, Samar. The training aimed for participants to learn the different uses and benefits of corn husks. Corn husks can be converted into novelty products such as flower decorations. As part of the training, participants were taught on how to prepare the husks from selection, dyeing, and drying.

The participants learned to create flowers and floral arrangements made of corn husks. They also assembled and packaged the flowers into bouquets and table arrangements. The training taught them the basics of marketing and how and when it is favorable to supply corn husks flowers in their locality.

Letecia Labrague, one of the training participants, assured the facilitators to apply what she learned during the training. “The steps (in flower making) are really easy and I learned a lot.” she added.

After the training, the participants received starter kits composed of bottled dye colors, glue guns and glue sticks, scissors, bouquet wrappers, baskets, floral foams, various ribbons, and floral tapes. These materials were provided to assist the graduates in building their technical skills and practices so that they can improve their livelihood and well-being.

“I am very happy because I learned that there are products that can be made out of corn husks. I am looking forward to learn more especially on making bags and other souvenir items. I am also thankful to ATI for the supplies and materials given. These will serve as a starter pack for our endeavor to start a livelihood enterprise.” said Nonito Cedron after receiving his starter kit.

The training on Corn Husk Utilization held on September 8-10, 2020 was conducted through the partnership of ATI-RTC 8 and the Local Government Unit of Jiabong through their Municipal Agriculture Office headed by Mr. Jefferson Gabieta. (with reports from Gizell Jill Nuñez)

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