ATI staff continues service in community

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BAYBAY CITY, Leyte. -Community quarantine is imposed in Eastern Visayas and the staff follows the skeletal workforce where four days of the week are spent working from home. Aside from efforts to grow vegetables in their respective backyards, ATI-RTC 8 staff also made an initiative to sew face masks for the community frontliners and their neighbors. The management supports this initiative and has provided the staff with materials such as garters and unused bed sheet fabrics from the ATIng Bahay.

Luckily, some of the staff have sewing machines in their homes. Planning and Monitoring Officer, Ms. Venus June Taghoy, initially considered it as a stress reliever from all the COVID-19 news. She started sewing for her family’s use. “It was satisfying to look at the finished product, so I made some for my neighbors as well. In our barangay, there is a fine imposed for those who are seen outside their homes without masks. I would see some who would wear face towel or handkerchiefs instead. I thought that some could not afford to buy decent face masks so I made as many as I could in various sizes. It’s also a good thing that my colleagues shared a pattern for it.”

Meanwhile, Admin staffs Ms. Jean B. Intales, and Ms. Jorgen Buzon sew masks for the barangay officials and their neighbors, respectively. “I turned over the face masks to our Barangay Captain so he’ll be able to appropriately distribute it to the frontliners,” says Ms. Intales.

As of this posting, the ATI staff has distributed a total of 115 masks for barangay frontliners, children and senior citizens in their respective communities, and continues to produce more now that there is an extended community quarantine.

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