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Corn Husks to Decorative Flowers

Jiabong, Samar - Corn is one of the Philippines’ most important crops. It not only provides food and nutrition to its consumers but it also contributes a lot to the livelihood of most Filipino farmers. However, corn is mainly used for its kernels but this doesn’t mean that some of its parts cannot be utilized. Corn husks are usually considered as farm waste.

3A's campaign go online

BAYBAY CITY, Leyte – Quarantine time made it easier for more people to invest in agriculture. Be it getting more green for the homes or planning ahead for the family’s consumption with backyard gardening. Indeed, agriculture became an outlet to relieve stress, a means of exercise for some, while others take it mainly to produce fresh and nutritious food.

15 AEWs join Agri Biotech webinar

BAYBAY CITY, Leyte –Agricultural Extension Workers (AEWs) has a very important role in delivering excellent extension service to the clientele. Of which, they are also expected to have a good understanding on agricultural biotechnology and how products are regulated to answer issues and concerns.