Taposok: Expand Organic Agriculture to Ensure Food Safety

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Dr. Luz Taposok in blue, receiving her certificate of appreciation from Kauswagan Mayor Rommel Arnado.

Dr. Luz Taposok in blue, receiving her certificate of appreciation from Kauswagan Mayor Rommel Arnado.

KAUSWAGAN, Lanao Del Norte – Dr. Luz Taposok of the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) urged agriculture officials and fellow Filipinos during this year’s Organic Agri-Aqua and Livestock Fair to continue adopting and promoting organic agriculture for a safe food consumption.

“Organic agriculture should be widely adopted. Several studies and researches show the increase in sicknesses and diseases and untimely deaths triggered by foods that contain toxic substances.” Dr. Taposok expressed.

In her message during the said event, she emphasized that the availability of food in the country is of utmost importance but quality should still be considered. “An underlying concept of food security is food safety. While it is true that we should continuously take steps and measures in securing food for all Filipinos, it is equally essential to ensure the quality and safety of the food that we eat.”

She added, “As cliché’ as it sounds, the reality is that health is our wealth. Utilization of organic farming is still the best prerogative to ensure food safety.”

Dr. Taposok pointed out that high and advanced food productivity does not guarantee food safety. She encouraged everyone to be critical and not just follow the various trends that come with the era of globalization.

The ATI OIC-Director explained organic agriculture as a holistic system that entails best environmental practices, promotes diversity among plant and animal life forms and preservation of natural resources. She as well indicated that it is an avenue to exhibit high animal welfare.

She further elaborated that choosing the organic approach in farming, aquaculture and livestock considers the short and long term agricultural detriments such as pollution and pest problems. “Organic agriculture is a step to address agricultural problems before they even emerge.” According to her, the whole point of organic agriculture is to produce safe and clean food while establishing a harmonious relationship with our ecosystem.

Dr. Taposok ended her speech with a quote from the father of modern organic agriculture, Albert Howard, “The most important possession of a country is its population. If this is maintained in health and vigor everything else will follow; if this is allowed to decline nothing, not even great riches, can save the country from eventual ruin.”

The activity was held last April 23, 2017 at Amphitheater, Elme Mohamad Memorial Plaza in the said province.