Taiwan Internship Program

Great news! #ATICentralVisayas is glad to share with you this opportunity for the out-of-school youth.

Please refer to the following basic requirements to avail this program.

Should you have queries please contact Dr. Grace Arado thru 09167351327 or Ms. Pam Respecia thru 09772676469.

Thank you.
Taiwan Internship Program
Basic Qualifications:
1. Young Filipino farmer who is an out of school youth (OSY);
2. Male or Female, Single, 18-36 years old at the time of application;
3. Son/daughter of Learning Site for Agriculture/ School for Practical Agriculture/ Extension Service Provide/ Farm School cooperators;
4. Has existing land regardless of land size and status of ownership;
5. Has no live-in partner and/or child;
6. High school graduate (Senior HS level)/ undergraduate if college level / technical and/or vocational graduate;
7. Not presently employed in any job at the time of application;
8. Not related to any ATI employee by affinity or consanguinity;
9. Must have at least one (1) year accumulated farming experience at the time of application;
10. Has no overdue obligations from the ATI at the time of application;
11. Of good community standing;
12. A good communicator and can speak and understand English;
13. Proof that has no physical deformities;
14. Willing to learn Mandarin and new technologies;
15. With valid Philippine passport for at least two (2) or five (5) years;
16. Not recipient of ATI’s other International Exchange Programs;

Good luck and See you soon!