The beneficiaries are eager to use the after-training support awarded to them in Lezo, Aklan.

LEZO, Aklan – Agricultural Training Institute-Regional Training Center VI through the Rural-Based Organization (RBO) Program conducted a Farm Family Modelling Project from June to October 2019. The project provided a holistic support and interventions for the farm families which geared towards improved and uplift quality of life of the recipients to become model farms in the community. Further, it enhanced the knowledge and skills through various organic agriculture technologies to establish model farms to showcase the family enterprise.

The program unveiled last July 26, 2019 with the support of the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Lezo, Aklan, and Barangay Council of Agcawilan. The said barangay is one of the twelve barangays of the municipality of Lezo, which is a 5th class municipality in the Province of Aklan with 117.37 hectares of agricultural land. It was chosen as a result of Participatory Rural Appraisal conducted last July 2018 that showed that it belongs to one of the poor barangays and need interventions from other agencies.

Ms. Deserie R. Orquiola, Agricultural Technologist/Coordinator, started the opening program through the introduction of the participants followed by welcome the remarks of Hon. Mark Manares, Barangay Captain of Agcawilan. Ms. Lyn Bantigue, Development Management Officer I/Project Officer of ATI RTC VI, oriented the participants about the project. Present during the launching ceremony were Mr. Mavillo Z. Villorente, Senior Agriculturist of ATI RTC VI, Ms. Florencia C. Beltran, Municipal Agriculturist of Lezo, Aklan, and Hon. Ulyssis R. Irabon, Sangguniang Bayan Member/Chair of Committee on Agriculture to give their message of support.

A total of 10 farm families composed of father, mother, and youth that sums up 30 individuals successfully graduated in the said project. They listened to the lectures on the basic aspects and took part on the hands-on activities and demonstration on different agriculture technologies. Mr. Godynel I. Isedenia, Learning Site Co-operator of Villa Maxelma Integrated Sustainable Garden, talked about organic vegetable production. He also demonstrated its basics to the participants. Furthermore, Mr. Jero T. Tesorero and Mr. Kristofferson Salazar discussed the topics on poultry and livestock production. Ms. Deserie R. Urquiola, Agricultural Technician of OMA-Lezo explained to them the organic fertilizer production.

After four months of implementation and intervention, the graduation ceremony was held last October 31, 2019 at Barangay Agcawilan Covered Court. Each family received four sprinklers, one piece of rake, hoe, spade, two pieces of hand trowel, one container of molasses, and 120 packs of vegetable seeds per family as after training support. These were awarded by Dr. Eden DLR. Bautista, Center Director of ATI-RTC VI. She also extended first-hand information regarding policies and directions by the Department of Agriculture and ensured everyone that ATI will continue to extend excellent extension services beyond boundaries.

With the interventions implemented to the farm families, they are now aware of different organic agriculture technologies and involved in their community regarding agriculture activities. They are also expected to improve their farm production income.

The first Farm Family Modelling project was benefited 10 farm families of Barangay Malandayon, Malinao, Aklan who is just an adjacent municipality of Lezo.