One of the youth participants directs the farmer participants in creating their short video production.

ILOILO PROVINCE – Two batches of Digital Farmers Program (DFP) training with 35 participants each composed of farmers and their youth partners were held at Tigbauan and Pavia, Iloilo last November 20 and 21, 2019, respectively.

The Digital Farmers Program (DFP) is a project between the Agricultural Training Institute (DA-ATI) and SMART Communications, Inc. together with the Probe Media Foundation that consists of a ladderized approach in teaching small-scale farmers nationwide with basic digital tools and technologies, particularly social media. While, the Probe Media Foundation taught the participants the importance of storytelling in making a video production.

Moreover, the project aims to be a precursor to the Government’s goal on advancing the local industry’s adoption to more advance forms of technology in farming such as the use of drones, analytics, precision farming, weather monitoring, digital apps, and other multi-layer platforms that would necessitate basic knowledge of emerging technologies and deeper comprehension of its potential by its end-users.

As an output of the training, the youth partner created a short video of the farmer about his farming practice and his farm. The video making process is a preparation for the video contest that runs nationwide.