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One of the new seed inspectors applies his learnings from the training lectures.

KALIBO, AKLAN – Twenty-one Agricultural Extension Workers (AEWs) from various Municipalities of Regions VI, VII and VIII identified as New Seed Inspectors for Visayas last November 22, 2019 at Bee Bee Lodge, Old Buswang, Kalibo, Aklan.

The five-day Training Course on Inbred Rice Seed Production and Certification for Seed Inspectors in Regions VI, VII and VIII ran from November 18 to November 22. The participants of the said training attended series of lectures such as Rice Program Overview; Seed Reserve and Status of Rice Seed Production and Distribution; Mechanics, Policies and Guidelines on Seed Certification; Varietal Selection and Characteristics of the NSIC-approved Inbred Rice Varieties; Cultural Management Practices Relative to the Growth Stages of the Inbred Rice Plant; Seed Testing Methods, Procedures and Laboratory Standards; Guidelines on the Accreditation of Seed Growers; Role of Seed Inspectors, Seed Sampling and preparation as well as Seed bagging and Tagging; Introduction of Geo tagging for Seed Production Areas; and Updates in Fall Armyworms. They also experienced hands-on exercises such as field inspection and roguing that taught them proper monitoring to ensure purity of the seeds produced. After the lectures and practicum, they formulated and presented their action plans for their respected provinces that correspond to the provision of technical services they will provide for seed growers as deputized seed inspectors.

In the opening program, Dr. Eden DLR Bautista, Center Director, urged the participants to continue to be the agent for transfer of technologies to farmers and emphasized the role of seed inspectors for the seed growers. She also commended the strong partnership of different agencies and its commitment in the implementation of Rice Tariffication Law.

This activity is in partnership with the Bureau of Plant Industry – National Seed Quality Control Services (BPI – NSQCS) that aims to enhance the knowledge, skills and attitude of Seed Inspectors on providing technical assistance to seed growers in the production of good quality seeds.