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Advocacy Campaign - “Back-to-Basics: Scientific and Sustainable Livestock and Poultry Production” implemented

“Go back to the basics” is the battle cry of the Department of Agriculture, a strategy focused on staple food production for food security and addressing poverty. Its main goal is to make sure that food is available and affordable to every Filipino family”.

Si Juana tungo sa Pagpapa-unlad ng Industriya ng Abaca: Training on Gender and Development cum Abaca Production and Processing Technology

A total of forty (40) members of the tribal group Akeanon-Bukidnon Tribe especially women attended the 3-day training entitled: Si Juana tungo sa pagpapa-unlad ng industriya ng Abaca: Training on Gender and Development cum Abaca Production and Processing held on September 26 – 28, 2018 at Sitio Agbatuan, brgy. Oyang, Libacao, Aklan.

Blind Soldier Instrumental for 1st Learning Site on Livestock-based Diversified Farming in Guimaras province

A young blind army officer wrote to ATI-RTC VI requesting for agricultural livelihood interventions for his hometown in Buenavista, Guimaras. 1Lt Jerome J Jacuba suffered total blindness after the tragic incident in a battle in Maguindanao in 2016. Lt Jacuba had sought several agricultural livelihood interventions for the wounded-in-action soldiers and their families.

Aklan State University at 100 years of Excellence that produced Competent Professionals around the globe

BANGA, AKLAN – This year’s students’ convention of Aklan State University made it more exciting and memorable as they celebrate the first centennial anniversary of the Aklan State University with the theme: “Honoring the Gains, Unleashing the Potentials”.

School-On-the-Air on Sustainable Mushroom Production Enterprise launched in the province of Capiz

Project Officer Dith H. Baticbatic facilitating the launching broadcast.

Aiming to enhance the knowledge and skills of the Capizeños Mushroom Production, Agricultural Training Institute – Regional Training Center 6 (ATI –RTC 6) under the leadership of Dr. Eden DLR. Bautista launched the School-On-the-Air (SOA) on Sustainable Mushroom Production Enterprise on August 26, 2018 over RMN-DYVR, Roxas City from 12:00 to 1:00 in the afternoon.

Second season of School-on-the-Air (SOA) in the Province of Aklan is now airing

KALIBO, AKLAN – After the successful implementation of the School-on-the-Air on Sustainable Mushroom Production Enterprise that produced more than 500 graduates, the Agricultural Training Institute-Regional Training Center VI (ATI-RTC VI) brings on air another season of School-on-the-Air on Mushroom Processing, Packaging, Labeling and Marketing.