The participants are conducting insect pest damage and disease assessment/surveillance during the hands-on activity.

BINALBAGAN, NEGROS OCCIDENTAL - “This is our first time to attend such training. This is unexpected! We were really surprised by all the new lessons we learned regarding farming. This experience changed our perspectives when it comes to rice farming and the new techniques are helpful for us,” expressed by Adolfo J. Mellizo, one of the 22 participants who attended the Training on PalayCheck System for Hugpong Federal Movement of the Philippines, Inc. (HFMPI), on his impression during the closing program. The training ran from October 13-15, 2021 at Binalbagan Multi-Purpose Cooperative (BIMEC), Sto. Rosario, Binalbagan, Negros Occidental.

He continued, “We are honored that even though the weather is not good, you still pursued to come. We learned a lot from you. We are looking forward to more training in the future. See you again next time!”

Present during the Opening Program is Ramil Carpio, Deputy Director-Hugpong Federal Movement of the Philippines, Inc. (HFMPI) of Negros Occidental Chapter; Hon. Alejandro Y. Mirasol, Municipal Mayor; Hon. Ursecio Inodeo, Municipal Vice Mayor; Hon. Danilo Sevilla, Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture; Dr. Armando P. Abaño, Senior Agriculturist of the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist; Mr. Cesar M. Gayem, Municipal Agriculturist; and Dr. Eden DLR Bautista, Center Director of ATI Region 6.

Various topics about KeyChecks 1-9; Rice Industry Situationer; Rice Morphology and Growth Stages; Special Topics on Characteristics of the National/Regional Recommended Varieties (Binhing Palay App); IPM Concepts and Principles; Insect Pests and their Natural Enemies; and Major Diseases and their Management were discussed by the Resource Persons from the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist and ATI Region 6.

A field tour was conducted on the third day of the activity. The participants were able to perform the pest and disease surveillance/assessment. After the training completion, they received after-training support such as a hoe, rake, spade, and cane knife with working clothes and bush hat.

Deputy Director Carpio expressed his words of acknowledgment during the closing program. He is very thankful for another request granted from HFMPI Negros Occidental Chapter and for bringing the PalayCheck System training to their members.

Dr. Bautista, on the other hand, gave her assurance that there will be another batch of training on Corn and Cassava Production and Processing for the HFMPI members but the recipients will be coming from another group so that we will be able to reach those who are less privileged members that are directly involved in corn and cassava production. She also challenged the participants to replicate the knowledge that they have gained from the three-day training.
This training is the second leg among those training requested by the HFMPI. It was a success by the support extended by the Local Government Unit of Binalbagan through the Municipal Agriculture Office and the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist.