Mr. Edgar R. Rebaño, Learning Site applicant, listens to the suggestions of Ms. Lyn Bantigue, DMO I of ATI Region 6, to further improve his site.

MAKATO & IBAJAY, Aklan –The team of evaluators of ATI Region 6 led by Dr. Eden DLR. Bautista, Center Director led the team from the Partnerships & Accreditation Services (PAS) Section with Mavillo Villorente, Section Chief; Lyn G. Bantigue, Development Management Officer; and Rodel Leyson,Training Specialist of Career Development & Management Services Section (CDMSS) assess the farmers applying for Learning Site for Agriculture (LSA). The evaluation was not hindered by the threat of COVID-19.

The team visited two Learning Sites for Agriculture (LSA) applicants last June 11, 2020 in Cayangwan, Makato and Tul-ang, Ibajay, Aklan owned and managed by Dr. Gina Terencio and Ms. Ruby Rose Castro, respectively.

The Learning Site for Agriculture (LSA) is a farm practicing applicable technology and employing doable farming strategies where farmers can experience and learn. Anchored on the agriculture value chain, the LSA will also include processing and entrepreneurship. ATI will certify the learning site after a thorough evaluation.

After visiting the said two farms, the team advised the applicants to further enhance their sites in order to qualify as one of LSAs in the Region.

The same assessment was conducted last June 19, 2020 at Barangay Lapnag, Banga Aklan. Mr. Edgar R. Rebaño, farm owner, was oriented on the roles and responsibilities of a Learning Site Cooperator to include the following: provide counterpart for the development of site; make farm the available as demonstration area for hands-on learning; serve as resource person for training participants or field visit groups arranged by ATI; continuously enhance the knowledge and skills as well as develop the farm; maintain record of the operations, clientele served and other relevant undertakings; submit quarterly report and serve as Learning Site for Agriculture for at least five (5) years.

Mr. Rebaño expressed his willingness to adapt the suggestions and challenges for the development of his farm and to become an ATI Region 6’s LSA in the near future.